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The Chicago Bear Saga Continues…

Alright Bears Fans….  it has been difficult to write this season because the team has been so dismal.  But now it is just getting down right ugly, mind as the drama off the field is greater than the wins on the field.

A few days ago Ian Rapoport of NFL GameDay Morning got word from a source inside the organization that Chicago is having a “serious case of buyer’s remorse” when it comes to quarterback Jay Cutler. This quote is not at all surprising to hear if you’re a Chicago fan, pharm but it is bad to hear coming from someone inside the camp. Could this already bad season get any worse?

Yes it truly can.

Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer has admitted to leaking that information to the media.  The same offensive coordinator who Jay has to report to each week. While Kromer has openly apologized to the Bears, it doesn’t take back the damage he has now caused his team.  If I played for Kromer, I would definitely feel a lack of distrust and lack of respect. These comments will change the already lackluster offense. I mean, why bother to put in any effort when your own coach doesn’t believe in you. 2011 NFC Championship: Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

As if Kromer’s comments weren’t damaging enough, the cherry on top might be Marshall admitting, “as a business man, I would have buyer’s remorse too” on his WMVP-AM 1000 radio show this past Monday.  Poor Cutty, even his buddies can’t completely defend him.

And while all these comments might be true, it doesn’t help the team struggle through their 5-8 season and it definitely doesn’t help the players that have been consistently performing each week (RB Matt Forte, TE Martellus Bennett and DE Willie Young).

But unfortunately Chicago hasn’t been able to focus on reliable players this season because as we can see from all the comments in the past few days (and let’s not forget the big locker room blow-out after their loss to the Dolphins) they’re clearly too busy fighting among themselves to worry about playing and winning football games in the NFL.

So what’s next? Even if Chicago is able to trade Cutler away, who’s going to want to pick him up after management has now so openly admitted he’s un-coachable? And even if the Bears trade, what type of QB do they have to fall back on?  Let’s be honest, Clausen is not the answer (and management clearly does not have confidence in him as they still start Cutler week after week).

On top of QB problems, there’s coaching and management issues too.  I say, clean house.  Goodbye Trestman, Tucker and Kromer.  Piss poor planning is equivalent to piss poor performance and the Chicago Bears need an attitude adjustment.

Bears play at home vs. the New Orleans Saints on MNF (12/15) at 7:30PM if you care to watch.

About the author: Ashley Sellers. Bears Correspondent. A native of the NW Chicago suburbs, Ashley is a devout Chicago sports fan with a particular love for the Sox, Bears and Blackhawks. A graduate of SIU-Carbondale with a BA Radio-Television and a MA in Public Relations/Advertising, Ashley is a communications professional who occassionally moonlights as a dance instructor.  She is also a member of a dance company in the suburbs and she collects teddy bears and donates them to the children’s floor in local area hospitals through her “Prayer Bears Care” initiative.  In addition to the ’05 World Series and the 2010, 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup championships, her favorite sports moment was “shooting the puck” at a Blackhawks game (she missed).

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