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Mid-Season Review for the EmBEARassing Bears

Bears fans are scratching their heads at how a team so talented could be so inconsistent and awful.  And now fans aren’t the only ones scratching their heads, seek as many Bears players are asking themselves the same questions.  Half way through the season, cialis Chicago’s own are struggling to find any sort of rhythm and consistency out on the field.

To quickly recap this past Sunday’s game vs. the New England, no rx Patriot QB Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Source:

Tom Brady, Source:

played one of the best games of his life as NE quickly destroyed the Chicago Bears, 51-23.  All five of Brady’s touchdowns occurred in the first half of the game, while Chicago only had one in the first half.

While the Bears have a 3-5 record overall (third in the NFC North), their only victories on the road… and not against QBs named Tom Brady.  To quote Brandon Marshall, “This is simply unacceptable”.

Who’s to blame?

If I could assign a grade to the Bears performance for the first half of the regular season, I would give them a D+ or C-. Lack of leadership (Jay Cutler), locker room blow-ups (Brandon Marshall), and negative comments regarding fans (Kyle Long) make these last couple weeks brutal at best.

Let’s break down a couple key players performance so far this year:

Jay Cutler Jay Cutler – C

I’m probably being too nice, Jay. I still wear my “Jay Cutty is my Buddy” t- shirt, but I can’t say the friendship is there anymore – we’re more like frenemies.  The Bears front office has been grooming you for this leadership role and you’re failing miserably. Heck, even your bromance buddy, Brandon Marshall is calling you out. 293 attempted passes with only 197 completions? 8 interceptions and 9 fumbles? UNACCEPTABLE!

Brandon Marshall – B-

Marsh has 34 receptions for 384 yards with 5 touchdowns and 1 fumble so far this season.  Not bad.  However, he had 100 catches for 1,295 yards with 12 touchdowns and 0 fumbles in 2013.  Granted, I’m comparing a full 2013 season to a partial 2014 season but it looks like Jay should connect more with Marsh to give us both the yards and TDs that we so desperately need.  Marshall’s leadership is also what makes him a key player for Chicago. I love that he’s the first to admit that the Bears sub-par performance is ridiculous.

Alshon Jeffrey – B+

Jeffrey has 38 receptions for 563 yards and 3 touchdowns. In his 2013 season with the Bears he had 89 receptions for 1421 yards.  Cutler has 2 of the best WR in the league – how can he not take advantage of this opportunity?

Matt Forte – A

Forte is our silent force on the field. He has over 562 rushing yards this season and 3 touchdowns, compared to the 1,339 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns in 2013. He’s consistent, reliable and one of the top 10 leading rushers in the NFL to date. (He currently sits at #5.)Matt Forte Running

Isn’t it weird that our offense is pretty solid? Where’s the problem? Defense. The Bears defense sits at 3rd for most allowed the most points in the league at 222. (Side note: please don’t get me started on Lamarr Houston’s sack and torn ACL.)

Hopefully Coach Trestman can find a way to rally the troops during this bye week. I hate saying this, but maybe we need to take a page out of Dallas’ playbook.  The Cowboys know they have a weak defense (sound familiar Bears fans?) so they try to run the clock on offense – giving the D little time as possible on the field.

Bottom Line

We need more than positive thinking to get us through the second half of the season. Otherwise, Bears fans will continue to spend hundreds of dollars to sit at Soldier Field and boo what could be a spectacular but what has sadly become a sub-par team. Next up? Bears take on our arch-nemesis, the Green Bay Packers 11/9 at Lambeau Field. Unfortunately, with Jay’s lack of wins against GB, I am already going to say that I don’t foresee a Bear victory.

About the author: Ashley Sellers. Bears Correspondent. A native of the NW Chicago suburbs, Ashley is a devout Chicago sports fan with a particular love for the Sox, Bears and Blackhawks. A graduate of SIU-Carbondale with a BA Radio-Television and a MA in Public Relations/Advertising, Ashley is a communications professional who occassionally moonlights as a dance instructor.  She is also a member of a dance company in the suburbs and she collects teddy bears and donates them to the children’s floor in local area hospitals through her “Prayer Bears Care” initiative.  In addition to the ’05 World Series and the 2010, 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup championships, her favorite sports moment was “shooting the puck” at a Blackhawks game (she missed).

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