Reverse the Curse #Wrigley100

What are modern day fans really doing at Wrigley?!?  Can there be a happy correlation between the faithful Cubs fans who actually watch the game and endure the losing and those that just show up for the party?  On behalf of the true baseball fans out there, pills I am often surprised when Chicagoans (mostly fair-weathered fans or transplants) say they don’t love to watch the Cubs, seek but they do love going to the largest beer garden in the city.  wrigley100I’ve always thought that Wrigley is the best ballpark and baseball experience in the MLB, regardless of whether the Cubs are winning. But this weekend at the Pirates/Cubs series, I paid particularly closer attention to some ‘other’ fans at the Friendly Confines.   tripadvisorThere are even reviews of Wrigley Field on Trip-Advisor, good and bad, and while I am still dreaming that the Cubs will reach .500 before the All-Star break, I thought I would give some perspective on what (not so hopeful) fans are doing at Wrigley… After the torrential downpour Saturday night the Cubs began to play around 8:15 pm and I witnessed some younger guys participating in an online dating game of sorts called Tinder.

The beauty of this online dating site is that it is based on finding a match that is in your immediate radius.  So if you happen to not be watching the game you could potentially meet your next date with few swipes and a stroll to the hot-dog stand between innings.  Interestingly enough a minor league ball park in Minnesota had the same idea…Get Your Beer Goggles Here! Baseball Team Hosts Tinder-Themed Game Along With $1 Brews  – The Saint Paul Saints helped their fans get on base with “Tinder Loving Care Night,” featuring a live on-field version of the dating app plus prizes for in-stadium hookups.

Wagering always keeps fans entertained at the game;  all kinds of bets from the over/under of how long it takes to sing take me out to the ballgame to one of my favorite activities to partake in while watching is a little side betting game call “DIRT NO DIRT”.

Also referred to as “Moundball”, this is the game played when everyone in your row takes out about five or six dollar bills, someone donates their cap and at the end of every inning everyone puts a dollar into the cap and whoever’s turn it is will call “Dirt” or “No Dirt” in reference to where the baseball is left by the fielding team or umpire at the end of the half inning.  I think I once collected $27 from this endeavor. Moundball has become so popular the MLB has its own Moundball twitter account complete with prizes and rules – Check it out Mounball MLB.

Finally, what about those of us who actually watch the game and learned to keep score as kids?  Keeping score on a #Wrigley100 scorecard is a great way to pass the time and have a souvenir for years.  Maybe if we all took a little more time reading about the players and keeping score, one of these days the Cubs would surprise us with some consistency.  This year is the 100 year anniversary at Wrigley …


Wrigley 100 Fan photos from the Chicago Tribune

Celebrate the ballpark, Celebrate the fans and Celebrate the team! GO CUBS GO!

About the author: Nancy Tiano. Cubs Correspondent. Nancy, a Chicago native and diehard Cubs fan, has spent time following sports around the globe from Cricket Matches in Melbourne, to the US OPEN Tennis in New York, cheering for the Blackhawks at the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Chicago, enjoying the US OPEN at Congressional and watching the NBA Finals in Boston. Nancy’s true love is baseball and her heart belongs to the Cubs. Having visited twenty-four Major League Baseball Stadiums, she’s enjoyed her share of teams all over the nation. She’s seen every Baseball movie filmed and attends the Cubs Spring Training in Mesa, AZ every year since attending her first trip to spring training with her grandfather and brother at age nine. She had the privilege of sitting with Harry Caray and Steve Stone during batting practice and has been hooked ever since. Nancy enjoys selling technology by day which allows her to travel and follow her true passion the Chicago Cubs. Catch Nancy on Twitter at @nancytiano

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