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It’s a very busy time in the Chicago sports scene.  The Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls are battling in the first round of the playoffs, medical Bulls MVP Joakim Noah won the Defensive Player of the Year Award and the Chicago Bears returned to Halas Hall for voluntary workouts. With the Bulls and the Blackhawks both beginning their playoff runs, physician many fans aren’t particularly focused on baseball. However, cialis the Sox continue playing decent ball during a time of the season that they have historically fallen behind early.

Current standings: 10-11 (.476) two games behind Detroit in AL Central.

Injuries: There were more injuries to hit the team in the last week.  The injury that is causing most fans to worry is the flexor muscle strain the will keep Pitcher Chris Sale on the disabled list for 15 days.  Pitcher Charlie Leesman was called up from Triple A to replace him.  The team was relieved to find out that there was no structural damage to his UCL and he should be able to return when his DL stint ends the first week of May.

Sale was placed on the disabled list after his 127 pitch performance against the Boston Red Sox, which of course left Manager Robin Ventura open for criticism.  Some believe a game in April is too early in the season to allow a pitcher as valuable as Sale to go that long.  Others wonder will his delivery be a reason he has chronic issues.  Chris Sale and the White Sox are very confident that this is a non-issue and he will return when ready and there is no concern that this will be a lingering problem.  So, until proven otherwise all we can do is trust they all know what they’re doing and they will not jeopardize the career of their franchise.

Chris Sale

Chris Sale

Adam Eaton has to take a few days off to rest a strained hamstring.  Conor Gillaspie will sit to rest his injured hand.  Pitcher Felipe Paulino landed on the disabled list after a terrible outing; he is being replaced by Pitcher Andre Rienzo who was called up from Triple A.

News: Last week the White Sox went 2-4 against the Red Sox and Texas Rangers and won the first game of the series against the Detroit Tigers.  Chris Sale struck out 10 and allowed 1 hit to the Boston Red Sox in the only win of the series.  The south siders had an offensive explosion scoring 16 times to salvage the final game of the series against the Texas Rangers.  In the blowout game First Baseman Jose Abreu and Centerfielder Jordan Danks each hit 2-run home runs.  It seems like Abreu is coming out of his mini slump learning to readjust to the adjustments the pitchers made against him.  Pitcher John Danks continues to pitch well holding the Detroit Tigers to 1 run in the win.

Fireworks Night on April 25th

Fireworks Night on April 25th

Looking for something to do this weekend?  The men in black return to The Cell this Friday to begin a 4-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays.  The weather is supposed to be a little cool, but nice on Friday for the fireworks and some will receive a reusable tote.  This early in the season  great tickets are always available for some of the lowest prices you’ll see all season.  Find the best deals on seats HERE

My thoughts: By all accounts Paul Konerko is fine with his part-time role as he is the ultimate professional and team player, so you’ll never hear anything different.  I don’t know about you but I envisioned this farewell tour going a little differently.  He only has 19 at bats, 0 home runs and is hitting 105. Shouldn’t he get in the games more?  I know for Adam Dunn hitting 250 is like another player hitting 300 and he has 4 home runs, but I still can’t help thinking why can’t Paulie DH more.  Even with his terrible average it is early enough in the season to turn it around and make an impact offensively.  Sure he’s great on the bench and helps guide these young players, but this is the captain not some rookie who needs to earn his place.  Maybe Dunn is in there more to showcase him for a possible trade this summer, maybe Konerko really is fine with his extremely limited role.  I don’t know what it is, but I know I don’t like it.


About the author: Kristen Perteet was born and raised in Chicago as a Chicago sports fanatic and is ready to share her knowledge and passion with the world. She is passionate about her family, dog and sports. She has a BA from DePaul, MS from Spertus and graduated from Illinois Center for Broadcasting. Kristen has experience with ESPN, Sporting News Radio and Talk Sportz Radio. When not working in youth education or talking sports she is working on a project, Be The Miracle to end violence in the city. You can follow her on Twitter at @perteet21 or @BeTheMiracle75

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