Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1: A Series Playing Out as I Expected

As the Blackhawks head into game 4 tonight, prescription I’ve taken some time to reflect on the series so far.  Believe it or not, viagra I can’t say I’m surprised the Blues took the first 2 games.  Sure they had a slump at the end of the regular season but that doesn’t make them a bad team. After all, the Blues did beat the Blackhawks in points this season; 111 to 107.  Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means rooting for the Blues; I’m only saying that so far this series has gone pretty much the way I expected it to.  I had a feeling it was going to take the hometown crowd, dressed in red and black, screaming their hearts out to usher in a win.

images (2)The player who has surprised me the most so far has been Michal Handzus.  During the regular season I can’t recall hearing ‘Zus being mentioned too much but that hasn’t been the case during the playoffs; especially in Monday night’s game 3.  Handzus had multiple blocked shots in game 3 and spent 3 minutes 45 seconds on the penalty kill.  Impressive and something I think his teammates should take note of.

Something else that surprised me was the control with which both teams played on Monday night.  I heard the announcers mention the referees had really laid down the law about the physicality of games 1 and 2 but that doesn’t always stop two passionate teams. Amazingly there were no big fights Monday night.  There was still plenty of mouth running and smack talk but no punches being thrown.

I expect the rest of the series to be just as passionate, just as much of a nail biter, and just as much fun.  I think the Blackhawks will win again tonight at home.  I hope they’ll carry the momentum through the rest of the series and get themselves ready for round 2.  You can watch tonight’s game at 8:30 on CSN and game 5 on Friday at 7 also on CSN.

About the author: Erin is a diehard Blackhawks fan living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She watches as much hockey as possible both at home and out and about. She keeps up with the AHL and NHL’s every move via Facebook and Twitter. At work she is the resident hockey know-it-all. Besides the Madhouse on Madison, you can catch her at Wrigley Field or possibly Miami’s Sun Life Stadium (don’t ask!). Erin graduated from Roosevelt University with a BA in Public Relations. You can follow her on Twiter at @Miss_Erin3750

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