Incognito in the Ivy: How to Play Hooky at Wrigley

Ferris taught us how to play hooky at Wrigley.

Ferris taught us how to play hooky at Wrigley.

In today’s society, sovaldi when social media is used and studied by all, and including your coworkers and most likely, prostate folks in your HR department, is it still possible to play a little hooky at Wrigley without the entire office knowing?

Is the recent past when men and women could head down to the ballpark for a convenient 2:20pm game over? The 2:20pm game (formerly known as the “businessman’s special”) was ideal, it allowed you to work a solid six hours at the office, invite a customer or friend, enjoy seven innings and make it home for dinner with no one the wiser.

If you are lucky enough to be in a job where entertaining clients at Wrigley is a perk of the profession, then consider yourself blessed. If not, here are a few tips on how to best enjoy an afternoon at 1060 West Addison without getting caught. If former Cubs’ pitcher Ryan Dempster managed to sneak his way into the bleachers last week, relatively unnoticed, you certainly can too.

dempster in bleachers

First, when the opportunity presents itself be ready!  The beauty of the weekday afternoon game is ANY outfit goes on the north-side.  Why not throw on one of these stylish caps from Clark Street Sports, grab a friend, jump on the red line, and cheer on the Cubbies!?! For those choosing to sit in the bleacher’s, you’ll have a blast, however returning to work the next day with a farmer’s tan may be a dead giveaway.

Cubs Hats

Clark Street Sports

Now, if you are more of a “planner”, below is a list of the most popular upcoming games. These match-ups guarantee hundreds of ditched conference calls in lieu of peanuts, beers and sun.

Thanks to the poor cell service at Wrigley, it’s hard for the office to even get a hold of you, which can be a good and bad thing depending on your workload. And with shotty cell service, it could be tough to respond to work emails as quickly as you normally would, so keep that in mind as well. However, baseball games are usually the safest sporting event to sneak away to, thanks to the relative quiet atmosphere of the game compared to other sporting events – that is, until someone takes one deep out onto Waveland. Always, always mute the phone when jumping on conference calls at Wrigley, and bring an ear piece so you can still enjoy the game without annoying your fellow patrons.

Games to keep on your radar – keep in mind the 1:20pm and 3:05pm games are your best options these days for the cheapest seats.

Fri, 5/2 1:20p Brewers
Fri, 5/16 1:20p Cardinals
Wed, 5/21 3:05p Rays
Fri, 6/6 1:20p Brewers
Fri, 6/20 1:20p Yankees
Fri, 6/27 1:20p Rockies
Fri, 7/11 1:20p Orioles
Fri, 7/25 1:20p Pirates
Thu, 7/31 3:05p Braves
Fri, 8/8 3:05p Marlins
Thu, 8/14 3:05p Cardinals
Fri, 8/22 1:20p Dodgers
Fri, 9/5 3:05p Nationals
Fri, 9/19 3:05p Pirates

You don’t need to head down to the ballpark with tickets in hand, there are always plenty of options when you arrive.  Often times, season ticket holders are selling near the Harry Carry Statue, additional capacity is available at the box office and the loads of ticket brokers in the area get desperate as soon as the first pitch is thrown.

If you choose to wait to until you arrive in Wrigley to pick up tickets, remember those skills you use when negotiating the hundred thousand dollar contracts back at the office – start low and plan to negotiate. If seeing the first pitch is not a priority, waiting until the bottom of the first inning usually guarantees a steep drop in ticket prices being sold on the street. And remember, always haggle.

Charcoal V-Neck Tee with Distressed Crawling Bear Logo by Majestic Threads, Clark Street Sports: $34.99

Charcoal V-Neck Tee with Distressed Crawling Bear Logo by Majestic Threads, Clark Street Sports: $34.99

Finally, if you make it down a little early or a little too late to head into the ballpark, consider taking in the game on a sunny bar patio. Some of my old favorites where the real fans hang out are Bernies, Murphies, Yakzies and Sports Corner. After all, the days are numbered before the Jumbotron lands at Wrigley, and once that happens, it will be even tougher to pull off the afternoon game without risking getting caught.

See you at the ballpark!

About the author: Nancy Tiano. Cubs Correspondent. Nancy, a Chicago native and diehard Cubs fan, has spent time following sports around the globe from Cricket Matches in Melbourne, to the US OPEN Tennis in New York, cheering for the Blackhawks at the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Chicago, enjoying the US OPEN at Congressional and watching the NBA Finals in Boston. Nancy’s true love is baseball and her heart belongs to the Cubs. Having visited twenty-four Major League Baseball Stadiums, she’s enjoyed her share of teams all over the nation. She’s seen every Baseball movie filmed and attends the Cubs Spring Training in Mesa, AZ every year since attending her first trip to spring training with her grandfather and brother at age nine. She had the privilege of sitting with Harry Caray and Steve Stone during batting practice and has been hooked ever since. Nancy enjoys selling technology by day which allows her to travel and follow her true passion the Chicago Cubs. Catch Nancy on Twitter at @nancytiano

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