Office to the Sports Bar: Functional Fashion for 1st Round March Madness

March Madness Fashion March Madness is upon us which means the unproductivity has already begun, troche the bars are packed, buy viagra and everyone you know (sports fan or not) is complaining about their bracket.

Just as important and fun as filling out the bracket and watching the games, mind dressing the part for the mayhem and preparing for the crowds can make or break your March Madness experience.

Office sophisticate Spartan pride.  Meesh & Mia: $42.00

Office sophisticate Spartan pride. Meesh & Mia: $42.00

Here are a few smart tips to get your through the weekend.

First DRESS the part, next SUPPORT your school, PRINT your bracket, last and never least enjoy the PARTY.

If your school was lucky enough to play in the first round, then obviously it is best to represent by wearing something from your school.  For example the University of Iowa played and lost on Wednesday, but I will still be wearing this funky Friday ensemble directly from my client meetings to support my Hawkeyes (even if they were bounced in the first round)!  The general rule is to support your school or hometown, as long as they had a bid to the tournament, I believe there is still something to cheer about…

March Madness is a marathon Super Bowl of sorts, everyone is excited, the action is nonstop and the bets are abundant.  Round of 64 games are underway and by now most people have already picked their destination for Friday viewing, and the luckier ones have even opted to take the day or the afternoon off to enjoy the second day of the most exciting round.

Michigan Shirred Sleeve Bolero, Meesh & Mia: $59.00

Michigan Shirred Sleeve Bolero, Meesh & Mia: $59.00

If you are still uncertain of where to watch this weekend’s games, you better hurry, as bars will be packed to the gills by 3:00pm when most NCAA faithful have checked out for the weekend. Pick a place with lots of TVs and delicious food because there will be eating involved.  And stay hydrated, with games starting at 11:00am and not ending until 11:00pm water is your friend.

As for your look, if you’re working in a casual office, the sky is the limit. However, if dress codes are enforced within your office, it’s best to keep the fanfare tasteful and slightly under wraps until it’s go time. Meesh & Mia has a fantastic selection of tailored, lady-like pieces that can be worn under a blazer, or as a standalone over skirts and pants. As for footwear, unless you’re bringing a pair of backup flats, consider wearing comfy heels or boots, there’s a good chance you’ll be standing more than you think.

Jawhawk jean skirt: Meesh & Mia: $36.00

Jayhawk jean skirt: Meesh & Mia: $36.00

Some of my favorite picks around town: Pour House, American Junkie, Fifty/50 and Bull and Bear.

Have fun – and stay tuned for surprising Sweet Sixteen suggestions next week.

About the author: Nancy Tiano. Cubs Correspondent. Nancy, a Chicago native and diehard Cubs fan, has spent time following sports around the globe from Cricket Matches in Melbourne, to the US OPEN Tennis in New York, cheering for the Blackhawks at the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Chicago, enjoying the US OPEN at Congressional and watching the NBA Finals in Boston. Nancy’s true love is baseball and her heart belongs to the Cubs. Having visited twenty-four Major League Baseball Stadiums, she’s enjoyed her share of teams all over the nation. She’s seen every Baseball movie filmed and attends the Cubs Spring Training in Mesa, AZ every year since attending her first trip to spring training with her grandfather and brother at age nine. She had the privilege of sitting with Harry Caray and Steve Stone during batting practice and has been hooked ever since. Nancy enjoys selling technology by day which allows her to travel and follow her true passion the Chicago Cubs. Catch Nancy on Twitter at @nancytiano

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