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While we continue to freeze our butts off in what we now know is the coldest Chicago winter in over thirty years, illness many of our favorite athletes are taking time to vacation in the sunnier, purchase warmer parts of the world…and posting about it. Which leads us to this week’s Social Media Roundup: time to bring you up to speed on some of our favorite athletes’ social media posts and what has been #trending in their lives this past week.

Compared to the previous week’s Super Bowl craziness, hospital this past week was a bit slower in the Twittersphere, but there is still plenty to share. Let’s get to it.

While ten of our Blackhawks are busy representing their home countries in Sochi, many others took the two-week break for some much needed vacation time, skipping town and the ridiculous cold. Several of our favorite Hawks were not shy about sharing their warm-weather, sun-soaked photos with all of their freezing fans back in Chicago. Although entertaining, some of these hurt like salt in the wounds as we all continue to plow through the coldest Chicago weather in thirty years. It appears as if many of the guys and their WAGs headed to Hawaii, but from the looks of some of these shots, we’re thinking Mexico and the Caribbean were also destinations for the guys and their dates.

Andrew Shaw and girlfriend, Chaunette Boulerice headed to Hawaii for some sun and fun. Shaw posted the above picture on their first day of vacation, “A lot different then playing in a cold rink every day! #sunny #maui @chaunetteb”

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the #Hawksonvaca


@shawz15er also posted this picture of his poolside snack. “Fruit by the pool”. I never knew fruit pics could be so cool: this one generated 5150 likes on Instagram.

Surprisingly, our Blackhawk WAGs were completely silent this week. No pics, no posts? Hopefully they’re just waiting to share the Hawaii pictures until they get home.





Patrick Sharp made sure he shared this adorable picture before he left for the Sochi to represent Team Canada. “One last goodbye before Sochi…”





Meanwhile, our Bears continue to stay busy in the off season. Earl Bennett hung out at the Toyota area at the Chicago Auto Show on Sunday with his beautiful family.  “Thank you @Toyota for having us… Thanks to all the fans that came out today much love #autoshow”





And it looks like Henry Melton had a spa day to himself….we like how this guy rolls.








Kyle Long kept us laughing as usual with some of his tweets and pictures. “If you’re an ‘underneath’ person I don’t trust u”





Apparently his dog, Walter, had a tough week…. “Selfie”





Even our Bears WAGs kept quiet this week…. Siggi Bennett did share this nostalgic pic of her pre-pregnancy bod. “Hello there, 25-inch waist. I miss you. #tbt #pregnancyproblems”




Lastly, Michi Marshall shared this picture from the DirectTV event in NYC last week. “#BMFfoundation #CrazyStigmaGreen #MentalHealthAwareness everywhere we go! @btm15”

That’s all we have for you, divas! Stay warm this week, and we’ll see you back here next Monday!


About the author: Mikki is a football-obsessed college student living in the heart of Chicago. After studying at the University of Iowa for two years, she realized she was meant to be in a big city, and transferred to DePaul University. Mikki is obsessed with Peyton Manning, and loves to play fantasy football. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find her in front of her t.v. watching the games all day. Mikki also loves going to Chicago Blackhawks games, and has hopes that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series someday. You can follow her on Twitter @Mikki415

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