Bears TE Martellus Bennett Releases New Mixtape, Awarded Bear of the Year

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By Monday night, pills most of us were just realizing the week had begun and already hoping for it to end, case along with this crazy cold weather, but for Bears tight end and creative force (he doesn’t like being called a rapper) Martellus Bennett, it was the conclusion of a day full of accomplishments.

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any better, Chicago’s favorite “Black Unicorn” had announced the release of his second mix-tape “Year of the Orange Dinosaur” and was also named Bear of the Year at the Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards.

Bennett's Mix-Tape: "Year of the Orange Dinosaur"

Bennett’s Mix-Tape: “Year of the Orange Dinosaur”

You read that right, this isn’t Bennett’s first mix-tape (and hopefully not his last), in 2011 the 6’6” 265-lb. Chicago Bear released “Fast Food.” Although it isn’t clear if 2014 will be the year of the orange (& blue) Bears, the “Year of the Orange Dinosaur” is a big hit regardless. The Twitterverse was abuzz with fans applauding the tight end’s ability to lay down some quality tracks. I’ve compiled some of the reactions below.

Bennett Mixtape Twitter

Bennett Mixtape Twitter2

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His new mixtape isn’t the only thing I’d like to have on repeat this week, his acceptance speech for the Bear of the Year award at Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s annual March of Dimes Sports Awards, was just as good. I’m telling you, the man should have a microphone in his hands at all times.

All jokes aside, Bennett is doing wonderful things for the city of Chicago, and I’m not just referring to his ability to keep fans entertained on and off the field. After spending four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and one season with the New York Giants before signing with the Bears last March, Bennett is quickly generating a huge, loyal and loving fan base in Chicago. He just wrapped his best season ever and was targeted 96 times with 65 receptions for a total of 759 yards and five touchdowns. He’s one of Cutler’s favorite targets and is the dual threat the Bears have always been looking for in the tight end position – he can effectively block, receive and get in the end zone.

Siggi and Martellus Bennett, Source: (SiggiBennett) Twitter

Siggi and Martellus Bennett, Source: (SiggiBennett) Twitter

Bennett is anextremely deserving candidate of the accolades and the awards he has received. When accepting his most recent award at the CSN award show on Monday night, the 27-year old tatted-up Texas native certainly didn’t talk about himself when he took the stage. The tight end openly discussed his excitement about the arrival of his future daughter, due this March, and his love and respect for his beautiful wife, Siggi Bennett, as well as the importance of creativity.

“I don’t want to be a role model. I want to be an inspiration. And so I want to inspire kids to start stepping out of the box to do things that are creative.”

I don’t know about you ladies, but having this man on our beloved Bears has made me even more proud to be a fan of the orange and blue. Not only has Bennett been a huge upgrade in the tight end department for the Bears, but he has been a positive and entertaining tour-de-force, a much needed addition in the Chicago sports scene.

Martellus signed a four-year $20.4 million free-agent contract with the Bears last March, so we can only hope that the Bennetts are here to stay for a while. The two are quickly becoming Chicago’s most interesting and creative celebrity sports couple.

I am looking forward to Bennett providing us with many more mix-tapes, quote-filled speeches and big plays on the field in the coming years. Watch his highly entertaining acceptance speech from Monday’s night’s CSN Chicago Awards Show below and check out the tracks on his mix-tape here.

If you are not following Martellus Bennett on Twitter, stop what you are doing and start following this guy now. You’ll be glad you did.

About the author: Lara Khalaf is a loud and proud ginger hailing from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. She graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois in Champaign and is now pursuing her dream career in Chicago. Her love for Chicago sports, namely the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs comes from her grandfather. She’s the last person you want to get into a Bears vs. Packers debate with. As a cheerleader, she was actually benched for excessive celebration. When she isn’t watching her teams, you can find her drooling over the latest Bachelor or the food on Top Chef. You can follow her at @larakhalaf.

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