SM Roundup: Bennetts Stun in Maternity Pics, Bears in Hawaii, Hawks Hit Party Circuit & UFC

Hello, viagra sale divas! We’ve got a jam-packed SM roundup for you this week – everything from our Pro Bowl picks, nurse to baby bump updates, store to rants about the weather. It seems as if when temps drop, social media activity heats up.

Makes sense, right? Let’s get to it.

First, how is everyone surviving #Chiberia part deux? As Chicago suffers through some of the coldest weather on record, a few of our favorite Chicago Bears were enjoying the warm, island breezes of Hawaii this past week as Pro Bowl attendees, and certainly weren’t shy about posting pictures.

Cornerback Tim Jennings starts things off with his picture of the chosen Bears at the Pro Bowl. “Last year it was all defense and this year all offense!!! Just blessed to be aside another great group of guys!!! #beardown #probowl #blessed @ky1elong”

Notice how happy they all look? That’s what warm weather and a Pro Bowl nod will do for you.



Alshon Jeffery posted this picture of his view. “I’m just Living….”





He also posted this picture with Kyle Long. “#ShowNoLove ToYourOpponent #ItsRealOutHere #TeamRice @ky1elong”






One of the many perks of being selected to the Pro Bowl (besides escaping the frozen tundra of Chicago in January) is the opportunity to bring your WAGs and family for a 5-star getaway in Hawaii (remember the movie Blue Crush?)

Brandon Marshall brought along his beautiful wife, Michi and posted this lovely picture of her chilling by the hot tub. “@mrsmichmarshall in Hawaii”




If you actually tuned in to watch the Pro Bowl this year (instead of the Grammys) you probably noticed a new, much improved format of unconferenced rosters drafted by Hall-of-Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Marshall. The game was actually competitive for the first time in years and Team Rice came away with a 22-21 win and the selected Bears all had an impact. Running back Matt Forte ran for 31 yards on six carries, Alshon Jeffery had 22 yards on two catches and Brandon Marshall, who rocked his favorite lime green cleats, caught one pass for 21 yards.

“Lime green. Advocacy never stops. #BMF #mentalhealthawareness”

Moving on to the Blackhawks…

In between the Duncan Keith Relief party (read our review here) on Monday night and Bryan and Amanda Bickell’s ‘Fetching Affair’ party at Studio Paris (read our review here), the Blackhawks were very busy on and off the rink this week before leaving town for an extended road trip.

Andrew Shaw posted this pic from the Duncan Keith relief event with guest performer Lee Brice and Nick Leddy.

“Couple beauties #lee #leds #facts”

It looked as if every Blackhawk headed to the UC on Saturday night for the UFC Fight. Many of them posted pictures on Instagram from the fight including Andrew Shaw and GF Chaunette Boulerice.



Apparently Patrick Kane is getting excited for the upcoming Olympics, since he actually posted on social media this week about it.

Another surprise post this week came from none other than Derrick Rose who must have been ‘encouraged’ by Team Adidas to bump up his SM activity:



Henry Melton posted this picture of his Super Bowl tickets and captioned it with some wishful thinking. “Next year….?”




We were thrilled to see Martellus Bennett post this stunning shot of him and Siggi Bennett, a preview of the maternity pictures that the expecting couple had professionally taken. “Black Unicorn King x Mixed Mermaid Princess x Baby Dinocorn.”


Moving on to our WAGs Section, the glowing mommy-to-be, Siggi Bennett also posted a picture from the maternity shoot that we can’t wait to see more from. “Glammed myself up for our maternity shoot yesterday. Can’t wait to see the final product! She’s almost here #32 weeks”




Back to Hawaii…Michi Marshall shared her fierce Pro Bowl game day style. “#TeamRice! WhoopWhoop! Dry clothes getting my man and outta here”


Kristin Cav’s baby bump is getting more precious by the day! She posted this picture showing her toned pregnant bod that will soon grace the cover of Fit Pregnancy. “Had a blast shooting the cover of Fit Pregnancy today. It’s for the April/May issue :)”




To keep up her toned bod, even with baby on board, KCav must keep a regular routine at the gym which was made evident by this shot: “Gym selfie…baby bump getting big!”

I suppose Canadians have an easier time handling this extreme cold weather. Apparently Amanda Bickell doesn’t think this “Polar Vortex” is a big deal…..

Sounds like Mrs. Bickell had some trouble on the roads.

Stay safe and warm, ladies. See you back here next week for the next social media roundup.

About the author: Mikki is a football-obsessed college student living in the heart of Chicago. After studying at the University of Iowa for two years, she realized she was meant to be in a big city, and transferred to DePaul University. Mikki is obsessed with Peyton Manning, and loves to play fantasy football. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find her in front of her t.v. watching the games all day. Mikki also loves going to Chicago Blackhawks games, and has hopes that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series someday. You can follow her on Twitter @Mikki415

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