Courtside Chic: Heat Honored at White House, LeBron James’ Pre-Game Ensemble, Drake’s Vintage Raptors Blazer

The Miami Heat Visit the White House

The 2013 NBA Champs received Presidential recognition on Tuesday. Clad in their dapper suits, cheap the Miami Heat made their second consecutive trip to the White House.  “The Heat showed us the kind of heart and determination it takes to be a champion, thumb ”  President Obama said. “And they also showed what heart means off the court.” (

While at the white house, the players also met with wounded warriors at the historic Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. After President Obama’s remarks, Coach Spoelstra presented him with an honorary trophy signed by the entire team and a jersey that read ‘POTUS 44’. See what they did there?

The President, a fellow Chicagoan (and, duh, Bulls fan) even joked “You know, you guys are winning me over a little bit.” Hmmm, I wonder what the president would say about their three-game losing streak.

For the first time in two years the Miami Heat let three games slip through their fingers. They recently lost to the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards. Now that deserves a confused JaVale face.

The Heat’s shooting has been lackluster, as their 38.2% three-point range shooting has dropped to 29.0%. Something tells me, however, that they are not in the least bit phased by the losing streak. I would think that they would be more concerned about keeping key players like Wade, Oden and  Battier healthy for post-season rather than focusing on short-term wins. I’m just saying. Although things are looking quite dim, I am sure that the Heat will make an epic comeback…as they always do.

LeBron James’ Pre-Game Ensembles

Instagram (kingjames)

LeBron James is one NBA player that knows his designers. I am always excited to witness his stylistic greatness. The MVP has been snapping swag-infested pre-game photos and sharing them on Instagram.  Before the Knicks game, he styles a Han Kjobenhavn trench coat with a Givenchy sweatshirt. His Nike animal print LeBron 2 sneakers are all kinds of FIERCE! I think that he is winning in this outfit…but he wasn’t winning on the court. The Heat’s fire fizzled as they lost to the New York Knicks (92 – 102).

Instagram (kingjames)

Before a Brooklyn Nets game, LeBron sports a Philip Lim Tromp l’Oeil Anorek jacket with tan pants and Glow In the Dark Edition Lebron 3 Sneakers.  Although the Heat suffered a double over-time loss (95-104), King James could still say that he was the best dressed player that evening.

Drake’s Vintage Raptors Blazer

The Toronto Raptors have a new global ambassador! It is none other than multi-platinum selling rapper, Drake. In a recent celebration of the occasion, the Canadian hip-hop artist hosted the first-ever “Drake Night.” Drizzy got  the crowd hype while sporting a blazer lined with a retro Vince Carter jersey.

Kevin Durant’s Effortless Style

I just love the way that Kevin Durant puts his pieces together! The OKC small forward recently posted an Instagram pic sporting a blue bomber jacket and denim jeans. His MCM Stark Backpack and red Jon Buscemi sneakers are essential accessories to his laid back look. He exhibits effortless chic by tying a plaid shirt around his waist.

The cool, trendsetting KD was a pivotal piece of history when the OKC beat the Houston Rockets on Thursday (104-92). Heads were spinning at the Toyota Center as they achieved the best second half performance in team history.  “We just tried to take it a possession at a time. It was special to see everybody play for each other.” Durant says. ( Well, Kevin. Keep taking it ‘a possession at a time’ as I take it one outfit at a time!

That’s it for now, but Courtside Chic will be back next week to keep you fabulously posted!

About the author: Alexis Caxton-Idowu is a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago studying Political Science. This Chicago-area native loves all things hoops and heels. As an avid basketball fan, Alexis enjoys keeping up with NBA news without neglecting her ‘girly-girl’ tendencies. When she is not attending class or meeting deadlines, Alexis enjoys writing, watching games, shopping, fashion, reality television and managing her entertainment and style blog, Didara. Follow Alexis on Twitter @alexiscax.

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