Threes Were Key in Bulls Blowout 107-87 Win Over Miami Heat

Silence the haters. The Chicago Bulls earned themselves a well deserved ego boost at the United Center when they dominated the Miami Heat Thursday night. The formula for success was simple, store the Bulls out hustled, and out rebounded, check out competed and out played the defending champs.

After the devastating loss of Derrick Rose the Bulls have faced serious adversity and haven’t been able to close out a game. Los Bulls looked refreshed and not like a team who recently suffered the loss of their star player. Chicago held onto their lead impressively. No one anticipated this blow out, but we’ll gladly take it against Lebron and his crew!

What You Need to Know:

  • Size does matter. The Bulls used their size advantage against the Miami Heat and the big men came out on top. Carlos Boozer led all scorers with 27 points. Joakim Noah had a 17 point and 15 rebound double-double.  Bulls’ sixth man Taj Gibson did some damage with 19 points as well.

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  • Luol Deng has been a complete animal lately. He had 20 points on the board last night all while challenging Lebron James defensively. This is the sixth straight game that Deng has scored at least 20 points for the Bulls this season…no big deal.
  • Threes were Key: The Bulls hit 10 three-point shots against the Heat when they’ve been averaging six a game. On the opposite end of the court the Bulls held the Heat to only six three-pointers which is where they can attack a team from the outside in.
  • Lebron James was the leading scorer for the Heat with 21 points, but he couldn’t close the point gap for his team last night. Michael Beasley followed with 15 points.
  • The “Big Three” were without Chicago-native Dwyane Wade who stayed at the team hotel due to sickness. Chris Bosh might as well have been sick. He had 10 points, but looked defeated under the basket against Chicago’s bigger bodies. 
  • A Little Romance at the UC. A Luv-A-Bull found forever love at center court last night. She was proposed to in front of the UC crowd and the entire display was caught on the jumbo screen.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“Thursday’s win was absolutely refreshing for Bulls fans. It wasn’t a playoff game, but it was a big win against a big rival. This is the kind of team basketball the Bulls’ need to play consistently. They may be without Derrick Rose, but the team still has a ton of talent on the roster. Let’s use it and abuse it. If the team can produce this much offense on the regular, we might see our Bulls with a winning record very soon.”

What’s Next: 

Next on the agenda the Bulls will host the Detroit Pistons on Saturday at 7PM. Be sure to tune in on WGN between holiday parties to see if the Bulls can keep the winning streak alive. All hope is not lost, ‘Tis the Season to BULLieve.

About the author: B is for Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and Brittany. Brittany Marques is a yoga-practicing Communications Data Analyst by day and a wine-drinking sports junkie by night. Born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs and a DePaul Journalism Alumnae, this Chicago girl loves nothing more than her Chi-town teams and deep dish pizza. Living amongst the “12th Man” as a transplant in Seattle can be tough, but Brittany’s Chicago roots hold true. She may now spend her weekends hiking the PNW, but she is always repping her hometown swag with pride. You can follow her on her social media properties.

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