Bears vs. Eagles Enemy & Eye Candy

Bears vs. Eagles Week 16: Enemy & Eye Candy

When I say that this weekend’s Bears game is going to be good, here I really meant it. In fact, pilule it’s going to be so good that it was moved from it’s original air time, noon, to a 7:30 PM slot on NBC. Chicago will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly and both teams share an 8-6 record and definite playoff potential.

Despite receiving some major criticism for the first half of his return game last week, by the end of the game Jay Cutler showed us all why he is Chicago’s franchise QB. He’ll be back on the field this Sunday and with guys like Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte in his arsenal, hopefully he’ll bring along a bit more accuracy this week.

Since Chicago has the worst run defense in the NFL, Cutler’s ability to get the ball to those weapons, will be more important than ever in this week’s match-up. Let’s take a look at who’ll be attacking the Bears defense, as well as which hottie to keep an eye on on the sideline in this week’s edition of Enemy and Eye Candy.


LeSean McCoy

Much like last weeks enemy, this weeks has been making record-breaking moves. I am, of course, talking about running back LeSean McCoy. Earlier this week, McCoy told ESPN that he wanted to put the offense on his back and he is definitely qualified to do so. Let’s learn why.

  • Number 25 has accumulated 1,343 rushing yards this season, making him the NFL’s leading rusher. That number is impressive on its own but when matched up with the number of rushing yards the Bears defense allows per game,152.4, it is especially daunting.
  • McCoy has entered the end zone a total of 7 times this season and although that isn’t an astronomical number, he has the ability to set his team up to score and that’ll be dangerous for the Bears tomorrow night.

    LeSean McCoy

  • There is a good amount on the line for the Eagles in this Sunday night football game, giving McCoy all the more reason to go out there and be as explosive as ever. If the Dallas Cowboys lose to Washington earlier in the day tomorrow, an Eagles W could clinch their division. Hopefully the Bears won’t let that happen!

EAGLES’ eye candy 

Cornerback Brandon Boykin might just have the best smile in the NFL and for that reason he is this week’s eye candy. Boykin joined the Eagles in 2012, after spending four years as a CB at the University of Georgia. In his senior year, he was named the MVP of the 2012 Outback Bowl and also won the Paul Hornung Award.

So far this season, No. 22, who has a four-year contract with the Eagles, has racked up 43 tackles, two forced fumbles and four interceptions. Despite suffering a concussion in last week’s game, Boykin is cleared to play tomorrow against the Bears and will most likely be matched up with the great Brandon Marshall. Let’s see if he can get on Marshall’s level, literally…B Marsh is 6 inches taller!






On paper it looks like the Eagles should come away with a win at home tomorrow but there are a couple of things that could change that. First, defensive leader Lance Briggs is a game-time decision for this Bears and if he is cleared, his presence might just be the confidence boost that the Bears D needs. Secondly, Cutler will need to go out there and not only perform with better accuracy than last week but also display better consistency throughout all four quarters, not just the fourth. Tune into NBC tomorrow night to see if the Bears can pull off a win on the road and keep their top spot in the NFC North. 


About the author: Lara Khalaf is a loud and proud ginger hailing from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. She graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois in Champaign and is now pursuing her dream career in Chicago. Her love for Chicago sports, namely the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs comes from her grandfather. She’s the last person you want to get into a Bears vs. Packers debate with. As a cheerleader, she was actually benched for excessive celebration. When she isn’t watching her teams, you can find her drooling over the latest Bachelor or the food on Top Chef. You can follow her at @larakhalaf.

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