Bears Get Beat Down in Philly – Miss Golden Opportunity to Clinch Playoff Spot

The Eagles’ 54-11 drubbing of the Bears on Sunday Night Football may just turn out to be the game that haunts Jay Cutler and the Bears the most this postseason. Heading into Sunday night’s national matchup, online the Bears had a gift wraped, early NFL Christmas surprise waiting for them with the Lions and Packers both losing earlier in the day, but in heartbreaking and fist-slamming fashion, the Bears managed to completely fall apart on both sides of the ball, miserably wasting the opportunity to clinch the division.

It was an ugly beat-down in the city of Brotherly Love, plain and simple. The Bears were outplayed in every aspect.

Bears fans are angry today, and rightfully so – their team squandered a golden opportunity and now have everything riding in next week’s finale vs. Green Bay. The water coolers will be full of commentary this morning as Bears fans hash out what went wrong and what could’ve been.  Get in on those conversations – here’s what you need to know.

What You Need to Know:

  • Cutler was horrible, plain and simple: You’ll probably hear the Cutler haters calling for McCown to get the start next week – and honestly, after last night’s putrid performance, you can’t blame them. Cutler looked rusty as ever completing only 20 of 35 passes for 222 yards and one touchdown that came in the 3rd. The Eagles had scored 21 points before Cutler had even completed a pass. It was a night of overthrown and underthrown passes, holding on to the ball too long and bad decision making – all tactics of the ‘bad Jay’ that Bears fans feared might show up in a game with so much on the line. Cutler was sacked a season-high four times, which can’t all be blamed on the aloof QB (the O-line had a horrible night against a pass rush that had shaking up Cutler as their #1 mission), but there is plenty of blame that should go to Cutler and I fully expect the McCown/Cutler debateto be in full force this week heading into the final game of the season on Sunday against the Packers.

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  • LeSean McCoy embarrassed the Bears’ depleted defense: There’s a reason the Eagle’s #1 running back leads the league in rushing yards, the guy can carve up defenses and makes getting into the end zone look easy. McCoy had a huge night against the Bears rushing for 133 yards and two touchdowns. It was hardly apparent that Lance Briggs was back on the field after missing the majority of the season.
  • Sloppy all around: As much as I dislike Cutler, all of the blame can’t be laid on him. Devin Hester fumbled a kick return in the 1st that resulted in a Eagles touchdown and Mr. Reliable, Matt Forte had a bad game, missing blocks and getting tripped up early in the Bears end zone that resulted in a safety. Marshall and Jeffery had little opportunity as most of Cutler’s passes were off target and uncatchable.

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Bears couldn’t have had an uglier performance in a game that mattered the most. Even without Aaron Rodgers playing, if the Bears show up on Sunday like they did last night in Philly, they have zero chance in getting into the post season.”

What’s Next:

According to Jay Cutler in the video above, the Bears won’t be paying too much attention to what went wrong last night in Philly. ???!!  Regardless of what our egotistical and out-of-touch QB believes, or wants the press to believe, the team will be watching a ton of film this week to determine what went wrong last night in Philly and how to get past the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at home in order to clinch the NFC North.


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