Top Ten Chicago Athlete WAGs

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the wife or girlfriend of a pro athlete? Of course you have! Any sport-lovin’ gal has had at least one make believe moment of sitting in the ‘family’ skybox, site flying first class, sickness hanging on the sidelines…Only a few lucky ladies get to live the coveted WAG lifestyle, and let’s be honest, damn – do we envy them.

Luckily, with the proliferation of athletes on social media these days, we have greater insight and access to players and their WAGs (wives and girlfriends) like never before, making it easier than ever to envy admire their lifestyle from afar.

We have come to expect our favorite athletes and their WAGs to share intimate details over Twitter and Instagram: engagements, births of children, breakups, deep thoughts and game day fashion, to name just a few. But lately it seems like athlete’s WAGs are just as vocal, if not more active, than their athletically-gifted better halves. These women are digital cheerleaders, activists, fashionistas, career women, mothers, fans…just like us.

We decided to do a little digging to find out more about our very own Chicago WAGs. These ladies that make up our Top 10 list tend to be more active on social media and keep their relationships public, much to our delight. Many of these women have been there since the very beginning when their famous husbands and boyfriends were just starting their careers. Regardless of their relationship history, all of these lovely ladies have a huge influence on some of our favorite men, so it’s only right for us to get to know them better! Let’s get started:

Number 10:  Sylvie Cormier

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Relationship: fiancé to Corey Crawford

Slyvie would be higher on our list, but she is not very active on social media and tries her best to stay out of the spotlight. We must say, she does a pretty good job staying under the radar as the fiancé of Stanley Cup Champion net-minder, Corey Crawford.

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Corey proposed to Sylvie on May 13, 2013. If you remember, the proposal came between the Minnesota Wild and the Detroit Red Wings series.

Sylvie and Corey are both from Quebec and they met 11 years ago when he was playing junior hockey. Apparently Sylvie and Corey are close friends of Bryan and Amanda Bickell. So much so that they were in the Bickell’s wedding party this summer.

Number 9: Mieka Reese

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Relationship: Former girlfriend and mother to Derrick Rose’s baby.

Instagram: @pjfamilyfirst

Until a couple days ago, we had Mieka ranked much higher, but in case you missed the news, Derrick and Mieka have called it quits. Mieka and Derrick were high school sweethearts and she was by his side through it all. Just over a year ago, she gave birth to their child, PJ Rose.

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Mieka broke the break-up news on Instagram this week with this picture. “PJ is the center of my life now and Derrick and I work together to co-parent for him. No Derrick and I are not in a relationship anymore but our friendship has always been there and will continue to grow. Even if our only purpose in life was to create our son, I’m fine with that.. My son is the greatest gift I could’ve asked for… Happy Sunday.”

Number 8: Abby Sharp

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Relationship: Wife of Patrick Sharp

Abby and Patrick Sharp met while they were both students at the University of Vermont. The couple dated for nine years before they became engaged. They were married on July 24, 2010. On December 9, 2011 Abby gave birth to their first child, Madelyn. Just over a week ago on October 13 Abby gave birth to the couple’s second child, Sadie. Unfortunately, Abby isn’t very vocal on social media. She still manages to publicly support her hubby, who continues to lead every hot NHL list that we can think of, despite the fact he has officially been off the market for over three years now.

Number 7: Chaunette Boulerice

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Relationship: Girlfriend of Andrew Shaw

Twitter: @chaunetteb

We’re not quite sure when Chaunette and Andrew started dating, but it’s clear from the couple’s social media activity that these two are definitely an item.  Chaunette is an adorable blonde from Ontario who attended Durham College in Ontario, and moved to Chicago to be with Andrew.

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The couple lives together and they frequently post pictures of their two dogs on Instagram. If you follow her on Twitter you can tell she has a great sense of humor too. What is there not to love about this WAG?

Number 6: Elina Casell Hjalmarsson

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Relationship: Wife of Niklas Hjalmarsson

Twitter and Instagram: @elinacasell

This show-stopping WAG is a Swedish model, makeup artist and hairstylist who stole the heart of Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson. The couple were married this past summer on July 27, 2013.

Elina has been criticized in the past for publicly posting about her luxurious lifestyle, but honestly, can you blame her?

photo credit: @elinacasell Instagram

We say, keep the posts coming! The stunning couple are already expecting their first child, and we couldn’t be happier for them! Just look at how gorgeous she is looking with that bump!



Number 5: Michi Marshall

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Relationship: Wife of Brandon Marshall

Twitter and Instagram: @MrsMich Marshall

Our favorite Bears receiver has a strong ally by his side in wife Michi. Mrs. Marshall is very active on social media and in the Chicago community. You can find Michi posting fierce game day fashion on Sundays and always supporting her husband and the Bears.

Michi and Brandon met when they were both students at Central Florida University. You may remember back in 2011 when Michi was arrested for allegedly stabbing Brandon with a knife which the couple has since described as self-defense.

photo credit: @mrsmichmarshall Instagram

Since Brandon was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder Michi has stayed by his side and the couple has even created the Brandon Marshall Foundation. According to the website, the foundation, “is devoted to raising awareness for mental illness and help others gain access to the resources that they need to recover.” We give Michi props for helping her husband through that tough time and for continuing to be an advocate for the cause.

Number 4: Brittany Fletcher

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Relationship: Fiancé of Gordon Beckham

Twitter: @brittanyfletch Instagram: @brittfletch

photo credit: @brittfletch Instagram

Gordon and Brittany have less than 20 days until their November 9th wedding. The wedding is rumored to be taking place in Fayetteville, Georgia. The couple met through Gordon’s agent, AKA Brittany’s brother. Brittany was on season 21 of the Amazing Race. Fun fact: On Brittany’s 18th birthday she went on the Price is Right and won the Showcase Showdown…. What a lucky lady.

Number 3: Siggi Bennett

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Relationship: Wife of Martellus Bennett

Twitter: @siggibennett Instagram: @siggib

Siggi became one of our favorite  new Chicago WAGs this year after her hubby Martellus signed a four-year deal with the Bears this offseason. In just a few short months, Siggi has made her mark on Chicago and has won us over. The Sarah Lawrence grad is a makeup artist and loves to show off her unique fashion and style.

photo credit: @siggib Instagram

Siggi and Martellus recently broke the news that they are expecting their first child! Perhaps the most refreshing trait of this WAG is her undeniable love for her hubby. Even her Twitter bio reads: “Sarah Lawrence grad, makeup artist, mommy to-be. Married to Bruce Wayne aka Martellus Bennett. Random thoughts, occasional outbursts, lots of PDA.”

Number 2: Amanda Bickell

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Relationship: Wife of Bryan Bickell

Twitter: @caskenette Instagram: @abickell

Amanda and Bryan were recently married on August 3. The Canadian couple met when Bryan played in Ottawa for the 67’s. According to their wedding website, they first met over a game of pool. On January 25, 2012 Bryan finally proposed. This WAG plays a huge role in Bryan’s humanitarian side.

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Amanda founded the organization and the Bryan Bickell Classic. She is a strong advocate for pitbulls and dog rescues. We can only wonder if they will be in the Slyvie and Corey Crawford’s wedding party since they were in Amanda and Bryan’s.

Number 1: Kristin Cavallari 

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Relationship: Wife of Jay Cutler

Twitter: @kristincav Instagram: @kristincavallari

It wouldn’t be right for us to put Kristin Cavallari anywhere but at the top of our WAGs list. Kristin, who was a reality TV celeb before marrying #6, is a talented woman who isn’t afraid to defend her man. Even this past weekend she got into a Twitter feud with someone who said she wasn’t concerned about Jay’s groin injury. We love her outspoken attitude!

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Kristin and Jay were married on June 8th of this past year in Nashville. Besides being a fashion designer and having her own shoe line, she still finds the time to be a mom to little Camden Cutler! Recently, she announced that she is ready for baby number two. Apparently she and Jay are ready to give Camden a sibling and are trying to get pregnant again.

That sums up our top 10 WAGs! Do you have the inside scoop on a WAG or think there is someone we may have missed? Let us know!

About the author: Mikki is a football-obsessed college student living in the heart of Chicago. After studying at the University of Iowa for two years, she realized she was meant to be in a big city, and transferred to DePaul University. Mikki is obsessed with Peyton Manning, and loves to play fantasy football. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find her in front of her t.v. watching the games all day. Mikki also loves going to Chicago Blackhawks games, and has hopes that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series someday. You can follow her on Twitter @Mikki415

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