Thank Goodness It’s Over: A Look Back on the Forgetful White Sox Season

It’s so hard to say goodbye…well, sildenafil not really.  Good bye, good riddance, adios, au revoir, shalom…to the 2013 Chicago White Sox baseball season!  This was a miserable year for fans, players, front office and writers.  How many times, how many ways can you say this was a bad year for baseball in our beloved city of Chicago?  The boys of summer are going away to regroup, reenergize, possibly move on to other teams, retire or get better at baseball.  The fans will focus their attention on football and the return of Derrick Rose.  But before you pack up your jersey or t-shirt let’s reflect on this season and what the future holds for the South Siders.

On Sunday the White Sox lost their 99th game of the season and finished 63-99, last in the A.L. Central and a whopping 30 games behind the AL Central champions, the Detroit Tigers.  The Sox had a surge in August but finished by losing 23 of their last 30 games.  Overall the pitching staff gave the team a chance to win with a 3.98 ERA.

So what went wrong?  The defense made mental error after mental error totaling 121 for the year.  The offense disappeared with runners in scoring position and the base running was horrendous.  There were many games where they ran themselves out of a big inning.  Basically this team got in its own way many days and nights.

Avisail Garcia

Can the Sox be fixed?  Sure, with some new blood like outfielder Avisail Garcia, infielder Marcus Semien and pitcher Erik Johnson (former HAM) coming in to shore up defense, hit for power and add more depth to the pitching staff.

Gavin Floyd will return, John Danks will be stronger and Chris Sale, well Chris Sale is an Ace so no need to worry.  Taking time to focus on fundamentals and adding quality hitters can put this team right back in the thick of things in their division.  I think they will infuse youth with veterans to turn this thing around.  I don’t believe there will be a complete rebuild because there is not enough big league talent in the minors, but they won’t go crazy signing big time free agents.

The big sentimental question is what will first baseman Paul Konerko decide.  As of Sunday he said he is undecided and will take some time to make his decision.  This wasn’t a banner year for Konerko who has battled injuries and seen a decline in his numbers.  At Sunday’s season finale the crowd of over 22,000 gave him a standing ovation in appreciation of all of his hard work since 1999.  He felt slightly awkward tipping his cap because he still isn’t sure if that was his last game at US Cellular.  He has been a great player and ambassador for the organization and will be missed when he does decide to retire.  Stay tuned for more on this story.

2014 Highlight Games

  • Home and season opener March 31st against division rivals Minnesota Twins
  • Cleveland Indians come to town April 10th
  • A.L. East champs Boston Red Sox invade the Cell on April 15th
  • Division winners Detroit Tigers on April 29th
  • Crosstown Classic on May 7th
  • Interleague games:  Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers

I’m looking forward to great stories in 2014 and a much better team.  Stay strong White Sox fans!

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About the author: Kristen Perteet was born and raised in Chicago as a Chicago sports fanatic and is ready to share her knowledge and passion with the world. She is passionate about her family, dog and sports. She has a BA from DePaul, MS from Spertus and graduated from Illinois Center for Broadcasting. Kristen has experience with ESPN, Sporting News Radio and Talk Sportz Radio. When not working in youth education or talking sports she is working on a project, Be The Miracle to end violence in the city. You can follow her on Twitter at @perteet21 or @BeTheMiracle75

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