SEC Week 9 Preview: SC at Mizzou, Tennessee at Alabama

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It was the teams of the SEC East that left sports fans gawking over last week’s match-ups, cialis reminding fans that anything can happen when the big boys come out to play. And when I say big boys, advice I mean the heavyweight ball players of the south.

Tennessee tiptoed over South Carolina with a field goal at the end of the fourth quarter leaving many Gamecock fans stunned. Missouri crushed Florida in Columbia, recipe Missouri with redshirt freshmen Maty Mauk’s college career debut. Auburn reminded us that Alabama isn’t the only team in the state that’s got some skils. After a win over Texas A&M, The Tigers are back in the mix…  Ole Miss beat LSU and Vanderbilt told Georgia no more.. leaving SEC fans with four crucial upsets. We’ve got a feeling that this week won’t be much different.

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#21 South Carolina at #5 Missouri Saturday at 6:00 pm on ESPN2

Why you should care:  Tennessee beat South Carolina last week and Missouri just may slide pass the Gamecocks as the heart of conference play starts to rattle. Missouri is ranked No. 5 in the country but take caution… this is only their third conference game of the year. The Tigers completed last year’s season with a 5-7 record so their first two conference games may have been the only two victories that they’ll see for the rest of the year…  South Carolina went 11-2 last year so the Gamecocks could very well be the team to put an end to the Tiger’s winning streak.

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What to watch for:  Maty Mauk is the man of the honor for Missouri. He carried Mizzou over the Gators after losing star QB James Franklin to a shoulder injury. The redshirt freshmen Mauk threw 295 yards for one TD and an interception. It’s still too early to tell but Mauk …could be the new SEC quarterback phenomenon?

Or did the freshy just simply have the game of his life last week. Only time will tell but sizing Mauk up against South Carolina’s thunderous defense carried by defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will be the perfect test!

Clowney is taking heads against every team that South Carolina meets this year. Some say he’s the best player in the conference.  The South Carolina native totaled five tackles last week against Tennessee, he has 18 tackles on year.

This by far the best matchup of the weekend.

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Tennessee at #1 Alabama, Saturday at 2:30pm on CBS

Why you should care:  Tennessee had a MAJOR… upset last week, beating South Carolina by the hair of their chinny chin chin. BUT… all goals are fair in the game of football and the Volunteers have got the nation talking. Will Alabama take their first knee to this aggressive group of southerners or are the Volunteers signing up for a day of public embarrassment? To make the odds even tougher on Tennessee will have more than 100,000 Bama fans screaming in the ear as the two teams plan to meet in Tuscaloosa.                

What to watch for: A.J. McCarron, Bama’s QB, performed like the top dog that he is at this conference matchup last year. He threw just over 300 yards for four touchdowns to lead Alabama to a victory over Tennessee. The Volunteer’s offense is no match for Alabama but Just Worley may step up to the plate, he’s thrown for 1119 yards so far this season but only 275 of those yards have been at away games. Will the Volunteers upset again? Many doubt that Alabama will lose to this 4-3 team at home but remember… anything can happen in love and football.

About the author: Paige Travis is the essence of a sports lover with a diva persona. She has played sports competitively for over 10 years and traveled around the country to compete on multiple levels, but don’t let the basketball shorts and ponytails fool you; she is a diva on a mission. Her obsession with heels is just as strong as her obsession with the Chicago Bulls and White Sox. Her favorite athletes include Derrick Rose and Johnny Knox and the very handsome Matt Kemp. Currently, Paige is studying Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in sports and news at the University of Missouri.

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