SEC Week 7 Preview: Powerhouses Collide With Florida at LSU and Mizzou at Georgia

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The number seven has always been a special number. God created the world in seven days, seek there are seven colors in the rainbow, the ancient wonders of the world total seven and there are SEVEN SEC teams in the Top 25 AP Polls this week.

More than a third of the best college football teams in the nation are elite members of the Southeastern Conference leaving no question as to which conference is dominating this season.

Last week a severely injured Georgia team, barely pulled out a win over Tennessee in overtime, which has people patiently waiting to see whether or not they’ll be able to adjust for the Missouri game this week. Missouri stunned the conference when they blew out Vanderbilt away from home in the school’s first conference showdown. Ole Miss fell out of the rankings after falling out of the groove in their matchup against Auburn.

Things are starting to really heat up in week seven of college football… (yes it’s a sign, this is the week of champions for SEC teams.) Two top ranked matchups face off on Saturday and the anticipation for conference play is over. They say the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice… so welcome to the dark side. Strap in though, things may get a little sticky.

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#17 Florida at #10 LSU, Saturday at 2:30pm on CBS

Why you should care:  This is long standing rivalry dating back to the 1960s. Seniors look to finish off strong for Florida after losing 2 of last 3 meetings with LSU. As of late, the home team doesn’t seem to have an advantage, so it’s a toss up. It’ll be a battle to the end to see who the victor of these two powerhouses will be.

What to watch for: Every body is talking about the LSU Tigers’ defense.  To match with the snarling defense of the Tigers is a superior offense with LSU QB Zach Mettenberger. In five games, he has thrown for 15 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Could he be a Peyton Manning in the making? (You heard it here first…)

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#25 Missouri at #7 Georgia, Saturday at 11:00am on ESPN

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Why you should care: After moving into the toughest of all conferences just a year ago, Missouri has proven to be quite successful so far this season. They look to continue their streak of perfection and advance to a 6-0 record.  Fall has officially made its stamp and with that comes the smell of an upset. With some key injuries, Georgia hopes to prepare a strategy that will put them in the best position to win this weekend. They lost two wide receivers, two running backs, a safety, and their star quarterback with only five games under their belt this season due to injuries. With all of the injuries, Georgia has still been able to secure a 4-1 record; and after the overtime win against Tennessee, fans are anxious to see if the Bulldogs will be able to stay competitive despite their recent drawbacks.

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What to watch for:  The high-powered (passing and rushing) offense of the Missouri Tigers is not only helping them win games, but in good fashion. They have been blowing teams out, including their 51-28 victory over Vanderbilt last week. The Tigers are second in combined rushing and passing yards in the SEC. Missouri QB, James Franklin, has fully recuperated after a season-tainting injury last year and is a force to be reckoned with now that he is in full swing.


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