SEC Week 6 Preview: Mizzou at Vandy, Ole Miss at Auburn

Last weekend was a big one for the SEC with exciting play and shocking shutouts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ole Miss fans are still shedding tears this week after their 25-0 loss to Alabama. And after a high-scoring slug-fest, store Georgia pulled off a 44-41 win at home against LSU . Clearly the LSU and Georgia game stole the show and some are saying that it was one of the best matchups that college football fans will see all year. If you missed last weekend’s fury, viagra don’t freight. This week’s SEC teams to watch will offer a matchup that may not bring the glamour and glitz of last weekend, sildenafil but is sure to bring fans back for more. My picks for the weekend are as follows:

Missouri at Vanderbilt, Saturday at 6:30pm on ESPN3

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Why you should care: Neither team is ranked going into to this game on Saturday and the dynamics between the two will really say a lot about the future of both of these team’s success as we get closer and closer to more SEC conference games.

However, this game is unique because last year the Commodores unexpectedly beat the SEC newcomers and BIG 12 football heavyweights, Mizzou Tigers. Missouri looks good on paper right now with a 4-0 start to their season but the Tigers have yet to play a conference game. This matchup will showcase Missouri’s real talent when placed amongst tough competition. Vanderbilt will have to prove that they can hang with the big dogs as they face the SEC fresh meat.

Vanderbilt is heading into this matchup with a 3-2 record, with both losses resulting from an SEC face-off. Bottom line, both teams have a lot to prove to their Southern Eastern Conference counterparts. Whichever team losses this game risks the chance of losing a lot of respect for the rest of the season. Vanderbilt will have to take advantage of Missouri’s slow road to recovery after suffering major losses due to injury last year.

Vanderbilt QB, Austyn- Carta Samuels
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What to watch for: Both teams matchup statistically pretty well but the key to winning this game is going to be determined by who takes initiative on the field. Vanderbilt’s got a firecracker in senior wide receiver, Jordan Matthews. He’s fast, he’s efficient and I would say that he is arguably one of the best WRs in the conference. With only four games down, Matthews has received for a whopping 586 yards for four TD (touchdowns.)

Be sure to keep you eye on James Franklin.

Missouri QB, James Franklin
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Who is James Franklin you ask? A damn good quarterback I tell you. The irony that comes with this game is that the Commodores’ QB Austyn Carta-Samuels is just as good. These two compliment each other extremely well and are the only two SEC quarterbacks other than Georgia and LSU that have thrown over 1,00 yards. Yes you heard it right. That’s more than Florida’s Jeff Driskel, Alabama’s AJ McCaron AND more than South Carolina’s Connor Shaw. Either the big champs are a little slow getting on the ball or the underdogs are plotting for the kill.

#24 Ole Miss at Auburn, Saturday at 6:00pm on ESPNU

Why you should care:  Similar to the Missouri, Vanderbilt game, these two teams match up nicely on paper. The Rebels and the Tigers will meet Alabama on Saturday with a mirroring 3-1 overall record and a 1-1 conference record. On the surface nothing screams WATCH ME…WATCH ME but at the core this is  a great game to catch.

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What to watch for: Ole Miss has got a great group of freshies that have got the entire country’s attention. Ole Miss just loss to the number one team in the nation last week after a 3-0 run to start their season, I’d be surprised if they let Auburn slide by them that easily. Auburn didn’t play last week with a bye but may be seeking revenge after last year’s 41-20 loss.


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