SEC Week 10 Preview: The Six SEC Teams that Remain in the Top 25

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With a quiet weekend ahead in the SEC, drugstore try this is the perfect time for us to reflect on the craziness of the past few weeks of conference competition. College football moves fast with teams falling in and out of the Top 25 each week, tadalafil but with only three weeks of regular season play remaining, the SEC still dominates the standings with six teams in the Top 25.

Let’s break down these six Top 25 SEC teams and talk about what’s next for each.

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# 1 Alabama: Alabama is still undefeated but will face it’s biggest challenge yet next weekend against LSU. If Bama can roll over the Tigers, their journey to the conference title game will be a walk in the park. If you like to live life with a lot of certainty in your future plans… Bama is the most consistent team in the nation and has been for years.

# 9 Missouri: Despite their first loss of the season against South Carolina at home, Missouri is still one the hottest contenders on the market. Their loss to the Gamecocks was attributed to a missed field goal, which shows that their performance on the field hasn’t gone in vain just yet.  If Missouri can buzz past Texas A&M they may be on their way to the SEC conference title game.

# 11 Auburn: The Tigers keep climbing the rankings on a quest to reach the top. Their win over Texas A&M gave them “street credit” in SEC territory, but their success will be tested in upcoming weeks as they prepare to take on Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee after this weekend. If you’re looking for an underdog, there is no other SEC team that fits the title like Auburn.

#12 Texas A&M: The success of Johnny Manziel and his ability to lead the team in passing and rushing yards last year and YET AGAIN this years is a solid reason alone to root for these heartthrobs. The risk in taking their side? They’ve got two more ranked teams blocking their way before they reach the finish line. The Aggies have already loss to Alabama and Auburn.

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#13 LSU: Next week is LSU’s time to shine. The Tigers loss big to Ole Miss two weeks ago but next Saturday can be their redemption. Right now there’s nothing too spectacular about the Tigers that is grabbing headlines but they are the last team with any chance of knocking Alabama off of its throne. Your alliance with this team… Bama’s biggest competition before post-season play.

#14 South Carolina: The Gamecocks are recovering after a tough loss against Tennessee and their victory over Missouri was just the kind of momentum they needed to move ahead and forget the past. Things may get sticky from this point on though, as South Carolina is scheduled to meet Florida and Clemson before the close of regular season.

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What to watch this weekend in the SEC: 

Tennessee at #9 Missouri Saturday at 6:00 pm on ESPN

What to watch for: Both of these SEC East teams were said to have “surprised” the nation after the Volunteers beat South Carolina and the Tigers smacked the Georgia Bulldogs at home in the same week. The kicker about this match up? Both teams will put their trust in freshmen to lead the team in the quarterback position this weekend. Maty Mauk made his career debut two weeks ago against Florida. Tennessee freshmen QB, Joshua Dobbs, will do the same this week against Missouri.

Freshmen QB, Josh Dobbs makes his career debut against Missouri this week
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The Volunteers have a 1-3 conference record, so clinching a win over Missouri at this point in their season could lead to a much-needed turning point for Tennessee. Last week was Missouri’s first loss of the season. The Tigers should be mindful to use weeks such as this in the SEC to propel their BCS rankings in an effort to land their first BCS Bowl appearance as an SEC team. After this week Tennessee and Missouri only meet one other ranked team each in conference play.

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