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It should come as no surprise that the Blackhawks female fan base is growing in Chicago. According to a recent article in Crain’s, cure the Blackhawks female fan base is up 28 percent over 2008, with women making up 38 percent of the total fan base. If these numbers are correct, the Blackhawks now rank second (behind the beat-up Bears) among female followers in Chicago.

Source: Pinterest: toothlessgiroux.tumblr.com

The Hawks have a young, talented, dreamy, international roster and two Stanley Cups in four years –  fueling a Blackhawks lady-bandwagon that is filling up quickly, but don’t worry, there are plenty of seats on the Blackhawks fan bus.

Like every smart and profitable pro team, the Blackhawks are making it easy for us ladies to jump on that wagon and get up close and personal (digitally that is) to our favorite players. In addition to their robust offering on their in-house channel Blackhawks TV, the Blackhawks are very active in social media providing female fans unlimited access to players and team information like never before.

One social media platform that the Blackhawks have really put time and effort into is Pinterest. Have you ever wanted to pin a Blackhawk?  Who hasn’t, right?  Well, now you can!

With 17 different boards, ranging from All Access to Blackhawks Style to Eat Like a Blackhawk, there’s a wide array of pins to feed your pinning habit (which can be very dangerous if you are an addicted Pinner like me!).

Being a fat kid at heart, one of my favorite boards is Hockey-watching Snacks, which is full of tasty treats I’d love to have any day of the week, not just when I’m watching hockey.  Another great board is Blackhawks Weddings.  It gives you a glance into some of the Blackhawks’ weddings, officially see who is on and off the market, while providing  great ideas for your own wedding.

Source: http://instagram.com/p/YrJ9rdzdQ0/

You name it – the Blackhawks and their fans have pinned just about anything you can think of.  Need an idea on a Blackhawk inspired outfit, snack, party idea? There’s a pin for that. Or maybe you want to see all the ways Chicago celebrated last season’s Stanley Cup win? How about shirtless Hawks on boats – yep, they are all there!

Source: Pinterest: Christy Clancy De Lordo

The Hawks Pinterest account can certainly help but there’s always room for improvement, right?

I see bloggers and companies using Pinterest to direct traffic to their sites with contests and giveaways.  I’d love to see the Blackhawks do the same.  I’d also like to see a little more effort put into their I Met a Blackhawk board.  Meeting one of the guys is really exciting and so brag-worthy these days, Pinterest, and social media in general is a great place to show off share!

Shameless, I know, but I had to!

If you aren’t Pinning already, head over to Pinterest and follow the Blackhawks. Fair warning, Pinterest can be addictive, and Blackhawks pinning can be downright obsessive for us Blackhawk loyalists.  Happy pinning ladies!


About the author: Erin is a diehard Blackhawks fan living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She watches as much hockey as possible both at home and out and about. She keeps up with the AHL and NHL’s every move via Facebook and Twitter. At work she is the resident hockey know-it-all. Besides the Madhouse on Madison, you can catch her at Wrigley Field or possibly Miami’s Sun Life Stadium (don’t ask!). Erin graduated from Roosevelt University with a BA in Public Relations. You can follow her on Twiter at @Miss_Erin3750

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