Redskins Enemy & Eye Candy

Bears vs. Redskins Week 7: The Enemy & Eye Candy

The Chicago Bears are currently sitting in 2nd place in the NFC North with four wins and two losses. This week they face RGIII and the Washington Redskins, rx  a team that just a season ago won the NFC East title, but are now struggling with just one win so far this season.

Although Chicago is facing adversity in the form of various injuries on defense, they’ve been able to string together some wins. Among others making big moves for the Bears, quarterback Jay Cutler is certainly someone to thank for their success thus far. If things continue this way, Cutler may just have his best season yet. I foresee the Bears getting their fifth win of the season on Sunday and I’ll tell you why as I break down this week’s enemy and eye candy.


Alfred Morris

Despite being 1-4, the Redskins rank 4th in the league for rushing yards per game with 399.2. A good chunk of those yards have come from running back Alfred Morris, this week’s enemy. In their 31-16 loss to the Cowboys, Washington actually out-gained Dallas 433-213. Morris rushed for 81 yards and a TD, while quarterback RGIII threw for 246 yards and ran for 77. In short, if the derailed Redskins are going to get back on track this week, Morris will play a big part in that.

  • If I haven’t already said it enough, the Chicago Bears defense is struggling, especially in the middle and that will give Morris room to run. And all he needs is room. Linebacker D.J. Williams is out with a chest injury and defensive tackle Stephen Paea is still struggling with a toe injury. Cornerback Charles Tillman, who missed the Bears’ win over the Giants with a knee injury, and defensive end Julius Peppers were both back at practice on Thursday, which is a promising sign for the Bears D. Peppers will be  a “coach’s decision” in this week’s game.
  • Morris may not be performing as well as last season, when he set the Redskins’ single-season rushing record with 1,613 yards and averaged 20.9 carries a game but he is definitely doing work for the struggling squad. He’s tallied three touchdowns on the season and 377 total rushing yards. The guy is certainly going to capitalize on the banged up Chicago D and that’s the main reason I’m picking him as this week’s enemy.

    Robert Griffin III

  • Yes, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (RGIII) will be a threat as well, but because of his inconsistency, I didn’t choose him as this week’s enemy and I’m sure many of you out there with him as your Fantasy QB know why. Although he did play better against the Cowboys on Sunday night, he still isn’t looking like the quarterback who made everyone’s jaw drop last year. Griffin rushed for more yards in three quarters against the Cowboys, including a 26-yarder in the 3rd, than he did in Washington’s first four games. If he can do that again this week it will cause trouble for the ailing Bears D but I wouldn’t count on it.


Reed Doughty

Okay, I promise I am not trying to intentionally pick safeties as eye candy, but it was slim pickings this week with the Redskins, so it happened again. I’m going with safety Reed Doughty, who has been a member of the Washington Redskins since they drafted him in the 6th round of 2006 NFL Draft.

Doughty hasn’t had a very productive season so far, with just 20 tackles but I guess that doesn’t matter much in this section. I’m a sucker for blue eyes and a little scruff, both of which played a role in me picking him this week. Side note: Doughty is actually severely hearing impaired and sometimes reads lips. Definitely some extra hot points for facing adversity head on and continuing to play the game you love.

The Redskins will be at home at FedEx Field in a virtual must-win over the Bears this Sunday. The Bears head to Landover with a great deal of momentum and there’s no reason they shouldn’t come away with the W, especially against a team that just hasn’t been able to pull it together. The face-off begins at noon on FOX.

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