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2005 W DIVISION STREET · CHICAGO, ampoule IL 60622

Before we do anything else, cialis let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Football is back. College football, drugstore NFL football, flag football, “football” (soccer for us Americans)- whichever version tickles your fancy, it’s back in all its’ glory.

Yes, summer in Chicago is amazing, but July and August just don’t feel complete without a multitude of sports to choose from, so you can imagine my excitement to have my first Sunday Funday in MONTHS. I decided to celebrate the start of the season at FatPour Tap Works in Wicker Park to watch the Bears and the Vikings.

The Sunday of the Vikings/Bears game was a gloomy, rainy, miserable day – one of those days that made it almost impossible to leave the couch and venture out into the world, but we managed to drag ourselves into a cab and pulled up to FatPour at 11:40 a.m on the dot.

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Our arrival time was a little bit later than we had planned, but we told ourselves that the weather would keep the bar from being too packed and we would be able to find a table… which was almost true. When we got there, the last table for two had been given to the guys who walked in 2 seconds before us. I of course, almost cried because if only I hadn’t decided to change my boots, that table would have been ours!

The crew at FatPour seemed almost as surprised by the volume of people as we did, but they were great! Instead of leaving us to fend for ourselves and fight for a bar seat, they decided to open up their private event room so that at least 30 more of us could sit down and watch the game. The servers had to be frazzled with the barrage of people on a rainy Bears Sunday, but none of them acted like it, and the service was great even though we were hidden away in what a guy at the next table over called the “jail cell room.”

The keg room!

From what I could tell as we headed to the overflow room, the inside of the main bar looked awesome. There’s a big room in the middle of the main bar with a bunch of kegs all labeled so you can see where your beer comes from. I didn’t get much time to look around because it was almost game time and we were whisked away to our secret overflow room. The overflow room was scary for a couple of reasons: there was only one TV, eliminating the possibility to watch multiple games; they were completely out of food menus and I was hangry; and there were 3 Vikings fans in this small space. Needless to say, we didn’t get the total bar experience that we had been hoping for. Despite these obstacles, we still managed to really enjoy our time at FatPour.

Like I said, the servers were great. They immediately asked which game we needed on the TV (we screamed BEARS before any sneaky Packer fans could open their mouths), they taught us how to share food menus with other tables which encouraged camaraderie and open communication among strangers, and the service was surprisingly fast. The one TV was a problem for me because I wanted to watch Andrew Luck work his magic, but otherwise it worked out much better than anticipated and I really appreciated them letting us sit!

In case I forgot where I was eating, they made sure to write it on my bun.

As for my starvation, the food was great. I had a pulled pork sandwich with tots and mac & cheese (which was definitely the highlight), and my hungry companion ordered 10 lbs of nachos. Seriously, they brought him an entire baking sheet covered in Nachos. Awesome.
Both brunch and lunch were being offered during the game, and everything looked damn tasty – upscale bar food for a decent price- everything was between $11-$18.

The best part though? The beer menu. Obviously a place named for a massive pour of beer sets the bar pretty high, and their selection did not disappoint. They have 50 beers on tap and a large bottle selection as well. I tried two beers I had never even heard of, which never happens because sampling every single beer on earth is high on my list of goals in life. I also try to only order beers that are served in a chalice as opposed to a pint glass because it makes me feel royal and ladylike… and to my delight, FatPour’s menu tells you what glass the beer you are ordering comes in! It was a dream come true. That was the moment that I truly fell in love with this place.

There were about a zillion groups of guys all settling in for a day of football, which is certainly a selling point for many of us. Overall, everything was just great. My only gripe is that I didn’t get to see it all from the main room – but otherwise, I would DEFINITELY recommend heading to FatPour for the next big game!

Overall grade:  B+

When we went:  Sunday Funday

School affiliations: Wisconsin Badgers

Guy to girl ratio:  70/30 (stellar)

About the author: Lee Cleary was born and raised as a Boston Red Sox fan, but her east coast allegiances changed after she spent her formative years in Indianapolis, Indiana. When she isn’t cheering for her beloved Colts, she is talking trash to Purdue fans as she watches the Indiana University basketball program make their return to the big leagues. With a degree in journalism/marketing at IU, Lee currently works in the PR industry in Chicago and spends a great deal of her out-of-office hours at the local sports bars. The highlight of her life thus far has been meeting Peyton Manning (you guessed it, at a sports bar)… and she is pretty sure that was the highlight of his life as well.

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