SM Roundup: Cutty Rides the Black Unicorn, Hawks Hit South Bend, and K-Cav Goes to Fashion Week

Happy Monday, drugstore divas. We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, buy viagra but it’s time to get back to reality, otherwise known as Monday. To ease the pain of a new work week, how about a quick dose of our favorite Chicago athlete’s and their WAGs social media posts and pictures from the week?

To start us off, Martellus Bennett, aka the “Black Unicorn” posted this picture last week after the Bengals win and since then the picture has gone viral. The Black Unicorn was back at it yesterday pulling in two more touchdowns, one of which was the go-ahead winning TD.

In case you’re wondering why he calls himself the “Black Unicorn”, Bennett says it’s because nothing is more rare than a black unicorn. He captioned the picture, “My guy Cutty.”

Gameday tweets from our Bears filled the Twittersphere yesterday…


Martellus Bennett also posted a great picture of his buddy Brandon Marshall after the game. “My guy Machine Marshall trying to get a better view of the sky @btm15”





Earlier in the week Henry Melton channeled his inner monster after practice. “@henmel #BelieveInMonsters”




Brandon Marshall posted this picture of his ride home from practice. We have to ask, is it really necessary to be in a SUV limo? “Work day complete. Headed home wrapped up in my Bears blanket. #beardown #Machine”


Only 14 more days until hockey season begins! This weekend our Blackhawks made their way to Notre Dame for Training Camp. Thankfully, Andrew Shaw snapped a few pictures to share.





The guys were caught taking selfies in this picture. The look on Shaw’s face is priceless. “Three Stooges”



We haven’t heard much from the Bulls lately, but Jimmy Butler sparked our attention this week. He posted this picture on Instagram with Mark Wahlberg. Apparently they have been working out together. This week Butler made his way on the Transformers movie set, and practiced his boxing skills with Mark.

On to our favorite part of the SM Roundup; The new WAGS section. These ladies have become some of our most frequent contributors on social media. From now on, we will be putting all of the WAGs posts in a separate section.


Starting us off this week was Kristin Cavallari. K-Cav was a force at New York’s Fashion Week last week as a curator for her new NFL Inspired line for Junk Food. She looked absolutely fabulous. “Had a blast today. Thank u to everyone involved.”




Kristin also posted a picture of her Bears inspired manicure, part of Cover Girl’s new Fanicure collection, for the Junk Food show. “Check out my fanicure by @covergirl!! Perfect for the Junk Food fashion show today!”





She posted this picture later to show off her look. “Heading to the Junk Food after party #blueleather baby!”





On to the Bears gameday. Siggi Bennett posted a picture of her fellow Bears wives at the game. The proud mother-to-be posted, “Bearing down with my boos and Lil Minisaurus Rex trying to peek out lol @ddforte789 @mrsmichmarshall”



Mrs. Marshall snagged a picture with her man after the game. “Me and My Hubby @btm15 #trailblazers #Leather & #Love”




Lastly K-Cav posted one more picture to show off her Bears Game Day look on Sunday. We’re loving the old school sweater! “After win delight baby!”


That’s all we have for you this week divas! Have a great week and we will see you back here next Monday.


About the author: Mikki is a football-obsessed college student living in the heart of Chicago. After studying at the University of Iowa for two years, she realized she was meant to be in a big city, and transferred to DePaul University. Mikki is obsessed with Peyton Manning, and loves to play fantasy football. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find her in front of her t.v. watching the games all day. Mikki also loves going to Chicago Blackhawks games, and has hopes that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series someday. You can follow her on Twitter @Mikki415

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