SEC Week 3 Preview: Anything Your QB Can Do Mine Can Do Better

Johnny Manziel (left), purchase A.J. McCaroon (right)
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While other conferences patiently wait for conference play to begin, cheap the SEC is already creating story lines within slugfests, much to the delight of football fans across the country. Last week’s top two SEC games brought plenty of big plays, but it’s the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game this Saturday that has everyone buzzing.

The biggest SEC matchup of last weekend was the Georgia vs. South Carolina game. Though the Gamecocks didn’t go down without a fight, Georgia beat South Carolina 41-30. Miami also clinched a surprising win against the No. 12 ranked Florida Gators 21-16.

Dropping in the rankings so early in the season could mean bad news for the Gators in upcoming weeks. So what happens when one of the top football programs in the nation losses to an unranked team that has fallen under the radar? They drop to No. 18. Keep tabs on this top prospect; by the looks of their early season performance, they’ll have some work to do to stay at the top of the charts.

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Why does it matter?

Florida ended their 2012 season with an 11-2 record, traveled to the Allstate Sugar Bowl and started their 2013 season ranked at No. 10. Last year’s track record shows promise for the Gators but a loss to Miami and a close call with Toledo should wake Florida fans up.

The game to watch this week in NCAA football is in the SEC territory: ‘Bama vs. A&M.  There is no bigger game this weekend, no matter which conference you pay alliance to. Johnny ManzielA.J. McCarron’s and McCarron’s famous girlfriend, Katherine Webb, all in the same arena? How many camera crews can fit inside of College Station this weekend?

#1 Alabama at #6 Texas A&M, Saturday at 2:30pm on CBS


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Why you should care: Some are calling this matchup the game of the century and here’s why. You decide for yourself.

Texas A&M shocked the nation when they beat the #1 Crimson Tide last November, the only team Alabama loss to in the regular season. The Aggies, lead by Manziel, upset the reigning national champs 29-24. This was the game that made the nation pay attention to Texas A&M. This was the game where “Johnny Football” proved his name and became the Heisman favorite.

After last year’s shocking upset, ‘Bama is out for cold blood, but because the two face off in Texas, you might want to think twice about which team to root for. The Aggies were fresh meat when they first met the Crimson Tide last season but have proven they can take down the #1 team on the road. With the game in College Station, the Aggies clearly have an advantage.

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What to watch for: That Battle of The Quarterbacks. This match will be a test of each team’s ability to effectively use their quarterbacks and will challenge the Crimson Tide’s defensive reign. The Aggies’ defense nearly has the numbers, past erformance or physique that Alabama has, but Texas A &M may be able to maximize on Bama’s recent low performance. Bama’s season opener was tragic to say the least. Defense has got some work on their hands with Johnny Manziel’s golden ability to deceive his defenders.

A.J. McCarron
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Alabama allowed four sacks and had less than 100 rushing yards two weeks ago. Johnny Manziel has completed 69% of his passes so far this season in comparison with A.J. McCarron’s 43% completed passes. With only two weeks of season play underway its tough to forecast which QB will shine on Saturday. So how do you make a decision?

Manziel was last year’s Heisman trophy winner but McCarron was arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the nation last year. Sit back and enjoy one of the last weeks of summer as these two pals try to carry their team to a victory.

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