SEC Week 2 Preview: Manziel Back in Action, Georgia Meets the Gamecocks

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One week down and the first round of cards have been dealt. Johnny Football is once again, illness the talk of the SEC, viagra but Georgia’s upset is also calling for football fans to pay attention. Rising players are waiting for their chance to shine as coaches look to form new strategies against some of the best defensive teams in the NCAA.

Johnny Manziel keeps the media talking with his actions on and off the field, rx but this past week it was his performance on the field during Texas A&M’s win over Rice, where Manziel did a little talking back. Despite his “un-sportsmanship conduct” as declared by officials in Saturday’s game, Manziel managed to pass for 97 yards and claim three TDs in the second half.

Critics say last year’s Heisman Trophy winner is letting the fame get to his head too soon. He looks as if the he points to the scoreboard after taunting a Rice defender player and gets sent to the sidelines. Oh Johnny… When will you learn? On the other hand, he’s a young player, a redshirt sophomore at that, and still has a lot of maturing on his hands.  Check out his penalty below.

So who won big last week?

South Carolina, Florida and No. 1 ranked Bama continued business as usual. Big wins and big plays. Number 5 ranked Georgia sat on the losing side of the weekend, falling to Clemson 38-35 at Memorial Stadium. The No. 8 ranked Clemson Tigers made a statement to the Southern Eastern Conference Saturday evening. They mean business.

So let’s take a look at who will be stealing your heart in the SEC nation this season. The second week of play rolls around with must-watch games on schedule. If you can peel your eyes off of the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game this weekend, the SEC has got the next best match ups.

#6 South Carolina vs. #11 Georgia, Saturday at 5p.m. on ESPN

Georgia Senior QB, Aaron Murray
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Why you should care: Georgia lost their first game of the season against Clemson in a tight match but South Carolina delivers an even more intimidating lineup and deeper history to Saturday’s game. The Gamecocks face the Bulldogs at home and will try to hold their three-game winning streak against Georgia.

Both teams are ranked, as they were last year, but the Bulldogs fell to South Carolina on their home turf 45-42 in last year’s matchup. Will the tables be turned for the No. 11 ranked team, or will South Carolina keep their winning streak afloat?

Jadeveon Clowney
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What to watch for: Georgia leads the Gamecocks in passing yards and points scored but fall short to South Carolina in rushing yards. This being said with only one game under each team’s belt, watch for SEC defensive player of the year Jadeveon Clowney to lead his defense to a nail biting match up that is sure to please. Senior QB and SEC front runner, Aaron Murray is still in the mix so be sure to keep an eye on his arm and ability to work against the Gaemcock’s delivery.

#12 Florida vs. Miami (FL), Saturday at 11 a.m. on ESPN

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Why you should care: Rivalries will be rivalries. Intense cross- state match ups like this one is sure to showcase big hits and nasty plans. You are sure to find trash talkers, crazed fans and a sea of passion laid out on the gridiron for this fun football game.  This is what college ball is all about.

What to watch for: Jeff Driskel, last year’s go-to star QB for the Gators is back at it again. Driskel went 17-22 last Saturday against the Toledo Rockets. Sophmore Matt Jones steps to the plate in his second season with the Gators. He left the 2012 season with three TDs and 275 rushing yards. Keep your tabs on this young fella. Miami doesn’t match the Gators in competition but is sure to put it all on the floor for bragging rights.

Conference play is a couple of weeks away so the big games like these two are great to watch!

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