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Pink’s Pulse ‘Football Edition’: Peyton punishes Ravens, Tom Brady still has it, and Urlacher said what?

In celebration of football coming back…Pink’s Pulse this week is all about football. What else on people’s minds these days? Maybe college football. Sit back, treat read up, case and happy Week 1 of football!


  • Thursday Night Kickoff game: Thursday night the Baltimore Ravens headed to the Mile High city to play the Denver Broncos to kick off the 2013 NFL season. If you watched, you saw Peyton Manning make history by throwing for seven touchdown passes in the game (only five others have done so) and take revenge over the Ravens. Wes Welker looked like the new favorite in Denver, and so did tight end Julius Thomas who scored two touchdowns. Who is probably also being picked up on everyones fantasy teams. A great game to start the season!


  • BENGALS v. BEARS: The wait is over and the time has come. The Chicago Bears will open up the season this Sunday at noon against the Cincinnati Bengals. Head coach Marc Trestman will debut his new offense, Jay Cutler will try to start the season off right, and the Bears will look to silence doubters starting Sunday. It will be a lofty challenge as the Bengals and the Bears are a pretty evenly matched teams. It’s a can’t miss.
  • Tom Brady still has it: Let me start off by saying…I do not understand why people have a problem with Tom Brady. Because he wins too much? He’s still one of the hottest men in the NFL and also probably the most closed off. He doesn’t do that many interviews outside of practice and press conferences, so when you see him on TV/in a video you have to watch. Enjoy Brady’s sexy life story told in an UGG commercial. The other video I was going to show wouldn’t let me embed…but basically Tom Brady calls Johnny Manziel a turd. Great stuff.


  • Urlacher calling out Bears: Earlier in the week on Fox Sports One, Brian Urlacher had a few words about some injuries. Urlacher made the claim that the Bears faked injuries to slow fast-paced offenses. As a football fan for years, I’ve seen this happen many times. But teams try to do this nonchalantly. The face of the Bears franchise for the last decade is blatantly calling us out now? I’m sorry, that’s crossing the line. Urlacher needs to know what he should and shouldn’t say out loud unless it was some ploy by FS1 to generate news.
  • The Jets QB situation: The starting QB job for the New York Jets has been up for grabs up until this week. Mark Sanchez got injured in their third preseason game, and has yet to return to the field. What does this mean? The rookie Geno Smith will get the start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. The Jets right now are a total disaster. They even signed the pathetic Brady Quinn as a contender. I love making fun of the three-ring/quarterback circus that is always the Jets. But I do think this was their plan all along though. If I was a Jets fan, I probably would have revolted if Sanchez was my starter…again.
  • Riley Cooper is at it…again: Riley Cooper‘s trouble didn’t stop after his comments at a Kenny Chesney concert. Cooper and cornerback Cary Williams got into a fight during the Philadelphia Eagles practice on Thursday. The fight needed multiple people to break it up. Williams was one of the players that openly said he had a problem with the comments Cooper made at the Chesney concert. Cooper is a problem child. The Eagles need to realize that this guy could derail Chip Kelly’s momentum into the season.

About the author: Heather Pink is a Chicago native that graduated from the University of Illinois and is obsessed with the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and the White Sox. Heather is currently in Los Angeles working with as a Producer, but still does her fair share of sports reporting on the side. Follow Heather on Twitter @heatherpink2 or visit her website at

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