B1G Legends Week 5: Sad Dawson, Stupid Mascot and Iowa at Minnesota

This is how I feel about this game.

Full disclosure: I’ve been dreading this week since I looked over the schedule in August. It’s the week that I knew I would have to pump myself up for. Lift some heavy weights to get those endorphins going. Focus on constant hydration courtesy of Pelligrino. Watch profanity-laden motivational speeches from fictional football coaches in awesome 90’s movies. Why did I need to to all of this? Because I’m stuck with one game this week. And no it’s not Michigan or Nebraska. Northwestern. Or, cialis God even Michigan State (whose been on the fall off for a minute now). Nope, viagra sale it’s those other two teams. And they play…wait for it…each other.  And that brings us to the game of the week.

Iowa at Minnesota, drugstore 2:30pm on ABC (regional) and ESPN2

Minnesota’s mascot is dumb. Photo credit: Bleacher Report

The facts: The Hawkeyes are 3-1 coming into week five, with big wins against Western Michigan, Missouri State and eeking one out against rival Iowa State. Their one loss came in week one against Northern Illinois.

Here’s the deal. Iowa needs to win this game because it gets much, much harder from here. Their next four games: Michigan State, at No. 4 Ohio State, No. 17 Northwestern and No. 23 Wisconsin. It is very possible that they could enter their week 12 matchup against No. 17 Michigan with seven losses. Seven. Ouch.

On the other side, Minnesota has racked up wins against a bunch of no names. They beat up on UNLV, New Mexico State, Western Illinois and San Jose State. A win for the Gophers at home would give them the confidence they need to walk into the Big House next weekend against a struggling yet still ranked No. 18 Michigan team.

Why you should care: Well Minnesota is ranked 118th overall in passing yards and Iowa is ranked 91st. So start getting pumped about the rushing game Divas. Iowa’s rushing attack is the one-two punch of junior fullback Mark Weisman (who is from Buffalo Grove,

Minnesota running back Roderick Williams, Jr. (35). Photo credit: Draft Report

by the way) and junior running back Damon Bullock. Weisman 95 carries for 468 yards and three touchdowns, while Bullock has 203 yards on 50 receptions over the first four games. If those numbers sound average to you, then you’re being generous.

Minnesota, though, ranked 13th in the nation in rushing yards thanks to junior running back David Cobb and sophomore running back Roderick Williams Jr. Cobb and Williams are combined for 8 touchdowns on the season, with Cobb contributing 332 yards on the ground on 53 carries. They both average over six yards per carries.

If you just want to know who the quarterbacks are, they’ll be the ones handing the ball off to the guys mentioned above. Their names are Jake Rudock (Iowa) and Phillip Nelson (Minnesota). They won’t be throwing anything because between them they have six touchdowns on the year. That’s eight games. Peyton Manning had more touchdowns than that in the NFL season opener.

My take: I have to go to wedding this weekend. But even if my Saturday afternoon plan wasn’t getting wasted face at the reception, I wouldn’t watch this atrocity of a game. I got so bored writing about the running backs that my own eyes glazed over. But back to the game, Minnesota will win because Iowa is awful. But really we’ve all lost because this game sucks. Watch something else.

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