White Sox Trade Outfielder Alex Rios…Is Dunn Next?

Alex Rios

Friday was a sad day for Sox fans as fan favorite Alex Rios was traded to the Texas Rangers.

The Rios trade was another big move by the White Sox who are attempting to salvage their lost season and preparing for the future by trading away talent to rebuild the team.

After placing Rios on waivers on Thursday he was claimed by the Texas Rangers for $1 million, viagra infielder Leury Garcia and cash considerations.

This is a smart trade for both teams as the division leading Rangers needed to replace the production of suspended outfielder Nelson Cruz.  Rios’ has been solid this year for the Sox despite their horrible season. His 2013 stats are .277 BA, 12 HR, 26 SB, and 55 RBIs, not exactly Cruz numbers, but numbers needed for the Rangers to make a solid playoff run.

Leury Garcia

The Sox receive an infielder with what some are saying, the skills of Rafeal Furcal – IF he gets into a program and improves his batting.  His 2013 stats aren’t the greatest at .192 BA, 0 HR, 1 RBI and 236 OBP, but he is a work in progress.  Garcia has great arm strength and speed, which is what the Sox need desperately.

With the Rios trade and the recent Jake Peavy trade, the Sox will also gain financial freedom from this deal as they will now have at least $35 million available between now and 2014.

With the trade Sox fans will get a chance to see their future in “Little Miggy” Avisail Garcia who was acquired in the Peavy trade. Garcia is expected to make his debut in the second game of the doubleheader with the Twins this weekend.  Alex Rios got on twitter to thank the city of Chicago, the organization, his teammates and the fans.

Up next for the Sox…the possible trade of DH/First Baseman Adam Dunn and freeing up even more money for free agency and signing international players.  Unlike Alex Rios, Dunn cleared waivers so he can be traded to any team.  The issue is finding a team that needs a DH or marginal fielder with power.  If the Sox find that team, you can bet that Dunn will be the latest casualty of the dreaded 2013 season. Stay tuned…

About the author: Kristen Perteet was born and raised in Chicago as a Chicago sports fanatic and is ready to share her knowledge and passion with the world. She is passionate about her family, dog and sports. She has a BA from DePaul, MS from Spertus and graduated from Illinois Center for Broadcasting. Kristen has experience with ESPN, Sporting News Radio and Talk Sportz Radio. When not working in youth education or talking sports she is working on a project, Be The Miracle to end violence in the city. You can follow her on Twitter at @perteet21 or @BeTheMiracle75

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