SM Roundup: Bears vs. Raiders, Luvabulls Make Their Debut, Kim DeJesus Says Goodbye

Hello divas! Is there anything better to the start off the weekend than game day? The Bears play their third and most important game of the preseason tonight at 9:00 p.m. vs. the Oakland Raiders, nurse capping off a busy week in social media.

Last night the Bears Instagramed the departure of our team to San Francisco. “#Bears Bay area bound”

There’s been a lot of chatter around the NFL’s $21,000 fine against Bears rookie Jon Bostic from his big hit last week in the Bears win over the San Diego Chargers. The League claimed that Bostic led with his helmet and slammed the stiff fine on the rookie linebacker, pissing off Bear nation. Lance Briggs was just one of the many athletes who took to social media to vent his frustration on the situation.


Brandon Marshall Instagramed this picture of his inbox. It looks like someone’s popular. “I guess since camps over I can respond to these texts and get my phone fixed.”





On to some Blackhawks posts…Andrew Shaw’s new house is coming along nicely! “Boys hard at work getting the stone up! #garage”




Shaw also found the time to do some fishing this week. I can’t help but notice that his Stanley Cup scar is healing. “Turned into a late night snack! #sogood”





Bryan and Amanda Bickell’s honeymoon photos keep popping up although we assume they have returned home already. Amanda posted this picture of the newlyweds. “First cruise ever was a huge success. So sad that parts over but can’t wait to tour Roma!”

Bryan’s been a busy guy. European traveler one minute and back for a golf classic the next.



After weeks of tryouts, the new 2013-14 Chicago Bulls Luvabulls were announced. The Bulls Instagramed a picture of the lucky ladies. “Your 2013-14 @chicagoluvabulls! #LuvabullsDebut #StudioParis


Lastly, we lost one of our favorite leading ladies this week. David DeJesus was traded which means unfortunately him and his wife will be leaving Chicago. Kim posted a text conversation between one of her friends on Instagram. “Getting all sorts of interesting texts today #nationalbarbie”

That’s all we have you this week divas! We’ll see you right back here next Friday!

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About the author: Mikki is a football-obsessed college student living in the heart of Chicago. After studying at the University of Iowa for two years, she realized she was meant to be in a big city, and transferred to DePaul University. Mikki is obsessed with Peyton Manning, and loves to play fantasy football. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find her in front of her t.v. watching the games all day. Mikki also loves going to Chicago Blackhawks games, and has hopes that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series someday. You can follow her on Twitter @Mikki415

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