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Pink’s Pulse: Johnny Manziel’s timeout, NFL and players settle concussion lawsuit, Miley pisses off Chicago

Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, see I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending or what’s coming up in sports: perfect for sports bars, thumb cocktail parties, board rooms, and well, just knowing your week in sports.


  • NFL, players settle concussion lawsuit: $765 million dollars later, the NFL has agreed to a settlement deal with thousands of former players who sued the league for hiding the dangers of brain damage and profiting from it. Medical exams, concussion-related compensation and a program for medical research are some of the things included in that massive dollar amount. This has been a long time coming with over 4,500 former players accusing the league for hiding the risks of the game, which will all hopefully benefit from the settlement.
  • Hellooooooo college football: Thursday brings the start to one of the best things in life…college football. Hello early Saturdays, tailgating, day-drinking, and a fresh new start to every team. Even though the division teams won’t play each other for a few weeks, it’s great to see the season resume. I love seeing schools adjust without the playmaker seniors who left for the NFL…like Denard Robinson leaving Michigan.



  • Paint the Blackhawks ice: The Chicago Blackhawks made two Make-A-Wish kids dream come true…as they helped the Blackhawks paint the ice. Take a look at this awesome video! Gotta love the Blackhawks, because this is pretty damn cool.


  • Manziel’s timeout: Okay, it’s really his “suspension,” but does one really consider it a


    suspension? On Wednesday the NCAA handed down Texas A&M quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel’s suspension after allegations of Manziel receiving payment for signing autographs. The statement from the NCAA stated that they didn’t find any evidence in the case, so decided to suspend Manziel for the first half of the first game of the season against Rice. Yep, only one half of football game. What’s the point of a suspension? Making him sit for one half is like making him sit in the timeout corner for ten minutes. The NCAA is getting out of hand. This was just as embarrassing for the NCAA as it was Manziel.

  • Brandon Marshall’s time off: So Brandon Marshall said he wouldn’t be at the Chicago Bears fourth preseason game because he had taken four days off for “personal reasons.” Head coach Marc Trestman said Marshall’s time off was previously planned. reported that Marshall was actually going to a follow-up appointment from his hip surgery in January. So what’s the big deal? I’m sure Robert Griffin III didn’t have to tell the media he was going to every doctor appointment. Yes, Marshall is a little stiff from the surgery but STOP worrying about him. It’s not something to blow out of proportion…which is what people are doing.
  • Miley Cyrus did it again…: People couldn’t stop talking about the VMA’s long after it ended last Sunday evening. The talk of the water coolers on Monday was none other than Miley Cyrus who continues to find ways to make more headlines…and piss more people off. I was disgusted by the VMA’s, but this really ticked me off. Cyrus ripped up a Michael Jordan jersey for her upcoming “23? rap video with hip-hop producer Mike WiLL Made. Cyrus posted his picture on her Instagram on Monday where she is sporting a bra and panties made from dismantled Jordan jersey.  Honestly, she really crossed a line this time. No one in their right mind would be cutting up a Walter Payton or Mike Ditka jersey…is a Michael Jordan jersey any different? No. Miley, you went too far.

About the author: Heather Pink is a Chicago native that graduated from the University of Illinois and is obsessed with the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and the White Sox. Heather is currently in Los Angeles working with as a Producer, but still does her fair share of sports reporting on the side. Follow Heather on Twitter @heatherpink2 or visit her website at

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