Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs Prospect

It’s been a slow summer for HAM Hunting off the Chicago baseball diamonds. We’ve already spotted the majority of the HAM-worthy veterans, illness and although we are never afraid to recycle good HAM content, with the way the Cubs and Sox have performed this season, there really haven’t been too many opportunities.

Desperate times call for desperate measures – which is why we are looking to the minors for HAMs. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look too far before realizing one of the Cubs’ most promising prospects is definitely HAM material.

We are talking about Kris Bryant, the 21-year old third baseman and the Cubs #1 draft pick and second overall in this year’s draft. After just signing with the Cubs last month, Bryant is tearing up the minor leagues and quickly moving up the ranks in Class A (the 3rd and lowest tier in the MLB minor league system behind Triple A and Double A).

At 6-5 and 245 lbs. Bryant is a force on the field and has Cubs fans drooling at the thought of the power at the plate the young prospect could bring to the struggling and rebuilding franchise.

Last year while at the University of San Diego, Bryant led all college players batting .329 with an incredible 31 home runs and 62 RBIs. The silver lining from the Cubs 101-loss season last year was the #2 draft pick in this year’s MLB Draft where they snagged Bryant and quickly signed him last month with a $6.7 million signing bonus.  Not too bad for an unproven prospect.

We haven’t seen this much buzz about a prospect since Anthony Rizzo became a household name while working his name through the Cubs farm system just two years ago.  Time will only tell if Bryant can continue to work his way up the minor league system, avoid injury and continue to put up incredible numbers in a system that so often swallows up promising prospects.  However, given the attention the Cubs’ brass is placing on Bryant and the incredible numbers he continues to put up this early in the process, we have a good feeling that Bryant will be a significant part of the future that is the Cubs, and that ladies, is a very good thing.

Source: Official Kris Bryant Twitter account

Bryant has the incredible stats, intelligence, and strong work ethic that baseball fans eat up. With his puppy dog eyes, quiet disposition and All-American looks, he is also pretty damn cute for a baseball player and we can’t wait to see how this young specimen matures over the years.

You can follow Kris on Twitter at KrisBryant_23.


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