Andrew Shaw Auctions Off Game 6 Stitches


To bid or not to bid?  That is the gross question!

When I first saw this I thought, capsule “This has to be a joke!”  Alas, ambulance it’s true.  Blackhawks star winger, treatment Andrew Shaw is auctioning off the stitches he earned in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The stitches will be professionally framed and will include an autographed photo of Shaw.

The auction will run on from August 15-August 25 with all proceeds going to The Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research (in case you’d like to take part in this odd bidding war). There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the charitable endeavor.

Listen, I think it’s great when celebrities and athletes give back but isn’t this taking things a little too far?

We are talking about synthetic thread that was a part of Shaw’s face after all.  For me, this raises a few questions.  First, how much does something like this go for?  Do I bid $100?  $1000?  More?!  Second, if I won, what would I do with framed stitches from Andrew’s face?  I suppose I might hang the frame somewhere in my home so guests could see my unique piece of memorabilia – it sure would be a fantastic conversation starter.

Source: Andrew Shaw’s Stitches Auction to Benefit The V Foundation Facebook page

Let’s not forget the gross factor here.  Shaw’s face was ripped open by a puck flying at Lord-knows-what speed.  If you caught that game or any of the numerous times the accident was replayed over the following days, you know how much blood was involved.

Stitches are generally either absorbed into the body after a period of time or disposed of once the doctor removes them.  They are not normally auctioned off to the highest bidder.

My final question here: What made Andrew Shaw want to auction off this particular item?  If you think of all the things he could auction to raise money for cancer research: a Game 6 puck, his jersey, his stick, his helmet, or any other article of gear he wore that night, it begs the question…why the stitches?

We may never know what exactly led Shaw to this decision, perhaps after a few cold ones with the Cup? Given the intensity of Blackhawk nation these days, I’m sure there will be plenty of bids on this interesting, albeit gross piece of memorabilia. Personally, I hope this raises a lot of money for cancer research without spawning a trend of athletes auctioning off their disgusting items.

About the author: Erin is a diehard Blackhawks fan living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She watches as much hockey as possible both at home and out and about. She keeps up with the AHL and NHL’s every move via Facebook and Twitter. At work she is the resident hockey know-it-all. Besides the Madhouse on Madison, you can catch her at Wrigley Field or possibly Miami’s Sun Life Stadium (don’t ask!). Erin graduated from Roosevelt University with a BA in Public Relations. You can follow her on Twiter at @Miss_Erin3750

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  • Irish Dan Clemons

    I think it’s a testament to the great twisted mind that is the Honey badger himself. Why not auction off his stitches, if the money is going to go to a great cause? I’m completely with you on hoping this doesn’t become a trend though. But thanks, and keep it up. For the Hawks, for the Blackhawks Center, and for the fans, you are the best Erin. Go Hawks.

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