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Pink’s Pulse: NFL Training Camp Set to Begin, Urlacher’s Latest Gaffe, Zook’s New Gig

Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, seek I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending or what’s coming up in sports: perfect for sports bars, check cocktail parties, ampoule board rooms, and well, just knowing your week in sports.


  • NFL Training camp is back!:  FINALLY. Although the summer is slowly coming to an end,


    the excitement for the upcoming NFL season always seems to soften the blow. This coming week marks the beginning of NFL training camps all across the nation. The Chicago Bears begin Training Camp next Friday July 26th, but many camps start on Thursday the 25th. Training camp is often the first chance fans have to see their favorite draft picks or free agent pick-ups interact with their new teams. With both the Sox and the Cubs more or less finished for the season, the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming Bears season is already at an all time high as training camp begins. If you have the chance, definitely head down to Bourbonnais for the day to catch a sneak peak at what new Bears coach Marc Trestman has been up to.

  • Chris Sale burning up: Besides Yoenis Cespedes winning the Homerun Derby, the biggest headlines out of the MLB Allstar game was the Chicago White Sox very own Chris Sale. Sale was awarded the W in a 3-0 win over the National League in the game. The last time this happened was when Mark Buerhle was on the team, and the White Sox made the playoffs. Will this be the turn of events the White Sox need to get their acts together? We shall see. 
  • Urlacher would be ‘pissed’ if Bears won the SB: Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher may be retired, but there’s simply no ignoring him. In an interview on the Dave Dameshek Football Program, Urlacher said, “They better not win the championship without me, ’cause then I’ll be really pissed.'” Urlacher also stated that there’s nothing that will get him to come back. Personally, I think it’s a little funny. Dumb comments like this show just how selfish Urlacher really is.  I want a championship just so Brian can be quiet.


  • Carcillo out of ChicagoThe Blackhawks have lost another champion this week as


    Daniel Carcillo was traded to the Los Angeles Kings for a conditional 2015 NHL Draft pick. I’m not too disappointed seeing as Carcillo didn’t really do much, especially in the playoffs. I was more sad to see Bolland and Emery go than Carcillo. The good part is the Blackhawks did save almost a million in the deal and now have two million in salary cap for wiggle room.

  • NCAA pulls the plug on EA Sports: NCAA Football ’14 may be one for the history books. The NCAA is pulling out of the contract with EA Sports, and is not expected to sign with a different software company. This has been a long time coming. Many former athletes have been suing these two entities for rights in the game. It’s sad to see, but a change had to be made. EA Sports came out with a statement saying they’re not done making college football games, they just won’t use the NCAA names or marks. Hmm, this should be interesting. Good luck with that.
  • Zook in the banking business: This one is sure to amuse those Illinois football fans that had to endure the Zook years and all of those other Big Ten fans that laughed at us. Former Illinois football coach, Ron Zook currently works at a bank. His job title, “Business Development Officier.” Uhm, what the hell does that mean? I sort of feel bad for the guy that he can’t get a coaching position now. But hey, that’s life.

About the author: Heather Pink is a Chicago native that graduated from the University of Illinois and is obsessed with the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and the White Sox. Heather is currently in Los Angeles working with as a Producer, but still does her fair share of sports reporting on the side. Follow Heather on Twitter @heatherpink2 or visit her website at

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