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Pink’s Pulse: Joakim Noah scoring goals, Biebs pisses off Hawks fans, and Rodman’s newest financial endeavor

Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, tadalafil I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending or what’s coming up in sports: perfect for sports bars, try cocktail parties, troche board rooms, and well, just knowing your week in sports.


  • NBA teams making moves: Since the start of NBA Free Agency on July 1st, NBA teams across the nation


    have been mixing up their rosters. The Chicago Bulls signed Mike Dunleavy to fill the void as fan-favorite Marco Belinelli left to the San Antonio Spurs. Backup point guard Jeff Teague and Rip Hamiliton have also left the Bulls, and thank God they did. The Bulls will also be looking at a different team in the Pistons as they have signed big-name free agent Josh Smith and old-timer Chauncey Billups. I really hoped the Bulls would have been more active in free agency. Not impressed.

  • Cubs finally get their Jumbotron: You heard it right, the Chicago Cubs have finally won their war and will be getting a Jumbotron in left field. Of course this has been under debate for a while seeing as the potential of it may put companies out of business that provide “bleacher” seats across the street from Wrigley. It’s not 100% official as the deal needs to pass through a couple more committees. If accepted, the Jumbotron would be 5,700 square-feet in left field. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like something really old and something brand new don’t belong together.
  • Joakim Noah scoring goals: Maybe not the hottest topic per se, but I just love Joakim Noah. Noah participated in soccer charity event held by Steve Nash. Noah used his talents and scored the game-winning goal in the closing minutes of the game. His celebration is a must-watch.


  • Dwight is taking his talents to…: Dwight Howard, Howard, also known as the oldest drama queen in the NBA, decided to leave the Los Angeles Lakers after his last year on his contract. Childish Howard decided to “announce” his decision via Twitter, than play a Brett Favre and go back and forth on his decision. And then he chooses HOUSTON? Honestly, it makes no sense to me especially after the Rockets have former Bulls center Omer Asik. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say I’m done with Dwight Howard. Time to grow up.


  • Justin Bieber’s encounter with the CupOh the Biebs. Alwaysss making


    headlines. Except this time, he touched a nerve with myself and, hopefully, every Chicago Blackhawks fan. Earlier this week, Justin Bieber wanted to visit the Stanley Cup but in the process stepped right on top of the Indian Head in the Blackhawks locker room. Disrespect across the board. Shouldn’t someone have warned him the do’s and don’t’s? Ugh. Someone needs to put that boy in his place. Wait, does anyone actually know what Bieber’s favorite team is? Does anyone actually care?

  • Rodman launches a vodka line: Former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman is making his own vodka titled, “Bad Boy Vodka.” His drunkenness may now start to be his income. But, I find it interesting that there is a bull displayed on the vodka bottle. I guess Rodman is really riding the Chicago Bulls, in one way or another, out of his financial issues. If anyone is brave or curious enough to try it, please let me know what it tastes like!

About the author: Heather Pink is a Chicago native that graduated from the University of Illinois and is obsessed with the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and the White Sox. Heather is currently in Los Angeles working with as a Producer, but still does her fair share of sports reporting on the side. Follow Heather on Twitter @heatherpink2 or visit her website at

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