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Donovan McNabb & High School Cube Raise Money For Chicagoland Schools

Chicago startup, patient High School Cube, purchase a website and application that allows users to broadcast and watch high school events live in HD, physician joined forces with Chicago native and NFL legend Donovan McNabb on Wednesday night to raise money for local Chicago schools while driving awareness and sponsorships for the innovative app.

The decorated quarterback helped spearhead High School Cube’s Draft Day Auction that included silent and live auctions for the digital sponsorships of over 100 Chicagoland high schools on the High School Cube website and local feeds, also called ‘cubes’. Twenty percent of the proceeds generated from the sponsorships will go back to the local high schools.  

McaNabb was drawn to High School Cube as the company provides U.S. high schools the technology and cloud to broadcast their live events online, giving fans the chance to tune in from around the world and stay in touch with their high school communities and teams. Since its launch, over 1,800 schools have been showcased nationwide across 46 states.

“It’s informative and attractive to any true sports fans,” he said. “No matter where you are it allows you to stay in touch with your alma mater.” McNabb has long been a supporter of his alma mater, Chicago’s Mount Carmel High School.
“It used to take three people, three days of training and up to $3,000 in equipment to broadcast an event,” said Larry Cotter, co-founder of High School Cube. “Now one person with a smartphone or tablet, with three minutes of training can broadcast LIVE – in HD – for free. It makes broadcasting so easy schools will be able to broadcast all their events.”

Each school is given their own “cube,” or channel, which fans can use to view any event, from concerts and plays to sporting events. Broadcasts can be watched from any computer, smart phone or tablet through the website or High School Cube’s app. As the father of four, McNabb spoke about how great the technology will be for him when he’s away from home.

“It puts you in position to never miss a beat,” said McNabb. “No matter where you areacross the country, you’re always watching,” he said with a smile.

McNabb was drafted as the second overall pick in the 1999 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, where he spent 11 seasons with the Eagles before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins. He will officially retire as an Eagle in September.

The Draft Day Auction event featured local celebs like McNabb and recently named co-host of The View, Jenny McCarthy in addition to supporters and local Chicago businesses.  Sponsorships of specific schools were auctioned off in a silent auction during cocktail hour. After drinks and a mouth watering steak dinner, local auctioneer Keith Jones took the stage.

Donovan McNabb raises money with High School Cube for Chicagoland schools during the inaugural fundraiser with local businesses, at Chicago Cut Steakhouse, on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 in Chicago.

A total of 40 school sponsorships were auctioned off in the live auction portion of the evening, including McNabb’s alma mater. With many schools broadcasting over 20 events throughout the course of the year, the sponsorships were valued close to $20,000. The highest bidder was also rewarded with Chicago Blackhawks tickets. The other top bidders were in contention for Cubs and Bulls tickets.

High School Cube’s goal is to have 1 million events per year broadcast, with every high school event at all levels, including freshman, junior varsity and varsity, being streamed live.

“High school events are memories of a lifetime and it’s fantastic for parents to have more opportunity to share them with their children,” said McNabb.

For more information about High School Cube, visit To download the free app, visit

About the author: Rachel Musnicki hails from the Chicago suburbs. A die-hard Chicago sports fan, she is known for her obsession with the Blackhawks. Rachel is finishing up her senior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she is working towards a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She previously interned with Comcast SportsNet Chicago. Rachel still dreams of being an Olympian, though is starting to realize she may never make it as a beach volleyball star. One of her favorite sports memories is going to a Stanley Cup Final Game in 2010 and watching the Blackhawks defeat the Flyers. You can follow Rachel on Twitter at @RachelMusnicki

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