Zoraida Sambolin Tells SDI About Engagement to Sox EVP Kenny Williams

Williams & Sambolin (Photo: Facebook.com)

Kenny Williams, viagra the former White Sox General Manager who was recently promoted to Executive Vice President of the club, search has had quite an exciting offseason, shop and for once we aren’t referring to baseball operations.

Over the Christmas holiday, Williams was quietly engaged to former NBC 5 Chicago anchorwoman and current CNN Early Start news anchor, Zoraida Sambolin.

Last fall, Williams sat down with Robin Robertson from Fox 32 Chicago to talk about his new role with the White Sox and the new love of his life, Zoraida Sambolin.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Zoraida  about her side of the courtship and the engagement.  You may be surprised to read about the softer, more romantic side of the White Sox’ stoic front office leader.

Colleen:  Tell me how you and Kenny started dating.

Zoraida: Kenny and I have known each other for two and a half years. We started dating after he returned from spring training (in Arizona) in April of 2010 after many long hours on the phone… Ironically, we can thank Ozzie [Guillen, former manager for the Chicago White Sox] for the introduction. We met at Ozzie’s Salsa and Stars event in Chicago, which I was hosting.

Sambolin & Guillen at Salsa & Stars (Photo source: whitesoxpride.mlblogs.com

Colleen:  How did Kenny pop the question?

Zoraida: Kenny asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve of 2012. We had a house full of family and he pulled me into his office and got down on one knee…and then asked me to help him up. Of course I said yes. The next day we went to Holy Name Cathedral and he asked me again in a very romantic, very intimate setting as he had originally planned.

Colleen:  So do you have a wedding date set or any wedding plans you’d like to share with our SDI readers?

Zoraida: As for wedding plans…mum’s the word for now.

Colleen:  Now, you’re currently in NY [working for CNN] and Kenny’s here in Chicago [working for the White Sox].  Are we looking at a long distance marriage or just engagement?

Zoraida: If I could wave a magic wand, in the short term I would move the White Sox to NY and the Yankees to Chicago. Long term, who knows? In the meantime, we get to enjoy two fabulous cities and homes.

Colleen:  What’s one funny thing about Kenny that you’d like to share with his female fans?

Zoraida: You want me to share some of Kenny with his female fans??? No way! I’ll tell you he loves buying me gifts for special occasions but can’t wait to give them to me…so I may end up opening a Christmas gift in the middle of summer!

Colleen:  Thanks so much to your time.  But one last question that I have to ask….are you a Cubs or Sox fan?

Zoraida: Long before Kenny Williams, my loyalty was to the South Siders [which we love to hear!].

Some additional info about the couple:

  • From his WhiteSox.com bio, Williams has five children: Temeka, Dedrick, Ken Jr., Kyle and Tyler. Kenny Jr. and Tyler play in the White Sox farm system, while Kyle is a wide receiver for the NFL ‘s San Francisco 49ers.
  • From her CNN.com bio, Zoraida has two children and lives in Connecticut.
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About the author: Colleen Reaney. White Sox Correspondent. Colleen is a true southside girl at heart. This Irish-catholic lass was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and has a great passion for her beloved Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Notre Dame Football and Illini Basketball. She has a BA from Eastern Illinois University, a MA from Governors State University and is working on her doctorate in higher education.  Colleen balances her time between working and teaching in higher education and her young family in Mt. Greenwood.

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