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Nurse’s Corner: Luol Deng

Luol Deng, medical find Chicago Bulls

Position:  Small Forward

Hometown: Wau, patient Sudan

College: Duke

DOB: 04/26/1985

Luol Deng

Elise’s Nursing Assessment:

Luol Deng is the quiet leader of the Bulls. He flies under the radar for being an NBA All-Star. Recently, prescription against the Philadelphia 76ers, Deng put up 25 points, seven assists, and six rebounds to lead the Bulls in a 93-88 win. Chicago outrebounded the 76ers 50-37. Even though Deng turned the ball over five times he can still be looked at as the top offensive player of the game.

A casual fan outside of Chicago would probably not be too familiar with Deng. Everyone knows Derrick Rose but it’s been Deng who has been dominant offensively since Derrick’s injury. He might not be as popular of a small forward as LeBron James and Kevin Durant but Deng isn’t about the publicity.

After fleeing the civil war in Sudan, Deng and his family moved to Egypt and then to Great Britain where he holds citizenship. He is physically and mentally tough and deserves the nickname “Dengerous”. He is a great overall player who has been praised on keeping up with LeBron James defensively.

A lot has been expected of him since Derrick’s injury because he has always been strong offensively. His main weakness is his isolation defense. He is also being overplayed. In the game against the Bucks, he played 47 minutes and 18 seconds of the game. Playing that amount of time can lead to errors and also major injuries. Chicago can’t afford to lose their top offensive player.

Elise’s Recommended Prescriptions:

  • Work on your ball handling skills. Looking at the ball as you dribble is slowing you down.
  • Avoid being overworked; we do not need another D. Rose situation.
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About the author: Elise Jiganti was raised a Chicago sports fan and was taught to love the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks from a young age. She credits her Chicago sports knowledge to her older brother. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing she moved to LA to be an ICU nurse. When she is not at the hospital she can be found talking trash about the Lakers.

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