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Nurse’s Corner: Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery, sovaldi sale Chicago Bears

Position: Wide Receiver (WR)

Hometown: St. Matthews, mind SC

College: South Carolina

DOB: 2/14/1990

Elise’s Nursing Assessment:

The 13th pick by the Bears in this year’s NFL Draft, Alshon Jeffery, has had a frustrating rookie season. As one of the best receivers coming out of the elite SEC, expectations were high for Jeffery as he was chosen to fill in as another reliable receiver for Cutler in his first year in the NFL. A tall order for any rookie, but Jeffery has the skill to do it.

However, Jeffery’s rookie year has been overshadowed by injuries. Jeffery suffered a broken hand in Week 5 and would return in Week 11 only to injure his knee and sit out another 2 weeks. When Jeffery returned in Week 14 against the Vikings, his play was not nearly as strong as it was before which was made obvious by critical dropped passes.

Unfortunately, unless there is a huge comeback in his near future, Jeffery’s rookie season will be remembered by this Sunday’s game against the Packers. To put it lightly, the officials were not working in Alshon’s favor. The rookie received three offensive pass interference calls in the 21-13 Bears’ loss, one of them reversed a touchdown call that would’ve put the Bears within 7.

The calls that were against Alshon were extremely costly helping the Packers to a win in which they clinched the NFC North title at Soldier Field. Jeffery certainly wasn’t the only poor performer on Sunday (the entire offense was useless) but his 3 pass interferences were the difference maker in the second half of the game and only proved how much work the rookie has ahead of him.

Playing wide receiver is a very physical position. Players fight for passes and at 6’3’’ and 216lb Alshon was just trying to ward off defenders in his attempt to catch Cutler’s passes. Marshall was well contained by the Packers but he still managed to catch six passes and have one touchdown. On the other hand, Alshon was tossed four passes and ended up with no catches as a result of the penalties.

With Brandon Marshall being double covered by most teams it is crucial for Alshon to step up and be a main target for Cutler. Alshon Jeffery has a long career ahead of him if he can stay off the injury report and become a smarter receiver.

Nurse Elise’s Recommended Prescriptions:

  • Get your head back in the game. We know you are a little rusty coming off of your injuries but Brandon Marshall can’t be the only wide receiver that Cutler feels comfortable throwing to.
  • Play smarter. Pass interferences are always somewhat controversial calls, but remember you aren’t at South Carolina anymore, this is the NFL and refs call penalties that NCAA refs would often overlook to keep the pace of play.
  • Learn from Marshall.  You can’t ask for a better vet WR on the team to learn from. Get in his head, find out what makes that bromance with Cutler work, and emulate it.

About the author: Elise Jiganti was raised a Chicago sports fan and was taught to love the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks from a young age. She credits her Chicago sports knowledge to her older brother. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing she moved to LA to be an ICU nurse. When she is not at the hospital she can be found talking trash about the Lakers.

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