SDI’s 1st Annual Top 10 Chicago’s Sexiest Athletes

Ladies, patient we all know that People Magazine just released their Sexiest Man Alive issue. Let’s be honest, many of us are chomping at the bit, eager to pick up the double issue and drool away in a mindless state. I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to seeing Channing Tatum shirtless as well as who was snubbed and who made the honorable mention list.

This year’s edition got me thinking – along with help from Brandon Bollig who tweeted “You’re telling me this face got snubbed by People Magazine for Sexiest Man Alive? Talk about a flawed system #BlueSteel”.  Chicago is full of sexy athletes; why not give credit where credit is due. Therefore, I present to you SportsDivas, Inc.’s 1st Annual Chicago’s Top 10 Sexiest Athletes.  In alphabetical order….

Brandon Bollig: Chicago Blackhawks, Age: 25, Origin: St. Charles, MO, Marital Status:  Single

Brandon Bollig

The 411: Ah, my inspiration for this list. Bollig is the Hawk’s SEXY resident enforcer and is the perfect amount of Midwestern man, just tough enough (hello tatted up biceps) to drop anyone to their knees.  With dark eyes, thick brown hair and just the right amount of facial hair, this softer-spoken winger has been on my radar since joining the Blackhawks last year. During the lockout Bollig is a permanent staple for the Rockford IceHogs, the AHL affiliate of the Blackhawks. I highly recommend following Bollig on Twitter. He is quite entertaining and posts some interesting photos: @Bollig87.

Chris Conte: Chicago Bears, Age: 23, Origin:  Los Angeles, CA, Marital Status:  Single

Chris Conte

The 411: Conte is the Bear’s free safety that has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. However, to be a successful safety on one of the best defenses in the NFL, you have to have a bit of a swagger. Conte has exceeded expectations this year in the backfield as the last line of defense for the Bears. I think it goes without saying, there is something painfully attractive about the “cocky” guy. With ridiculously tatted up arms, he is easy on the eyes, a threat on the field and rocks a backwards hat like no one on this side of the Mississippi.

Matt Forte: Chicago Bears, Age: 26, Origin:  Slidell, LA, Marital Status:  MARRIED

Matt Forte

The 411: Forte is the Bear’s starting running back who packs a punch on and off the field. This guy has a sick physique as well as beautiful eyes and the perfect facial hair that compliments his shaved head.  Forte got some flack this off season, with his contract negotiations. But the Bear’s front office were smart enough to pay Forte and lock him in for another 4 years.  He is an amazing weapon for the Bear’s and as one of the NFL’s elite running backs, he gives Bears fans something to brag about year after year. Forte is also a force off the field, contributing to many charities and community activities. This guy has a heart of gold, using his success and wealth to help as many people as possible. Yes, Matt Forte you make us swoon!

Kirk Hinrich: Chicago Bulls, Age: 31, Origin:  Sioux City, IA, Marital Status:  Married

Kirk Hinrich

The 411: Captain Kirk is back.  After a few years in DC & Atlanta Kirk is back where he belongs, with the Bulls. Hinrich is one tall drink of water, listed at 6’4” with dark hair and dark eyes. This Iowa boy excelled athletically and academically at Kansas. Who doesn’t love sexy ballers with a nerdy disposition?  There is something about a man who plays off his nerd like tendencies and shyness, but can also get down and dirty with opposing teams, click here:  Can you say HOT?

Paul Konerko: Chicago White Sox, Age: 36, Origin:  Providence, RI, Marital Status:  Married

The 411: Konerko is the long standing captain of the White Sox (2006-present) and this guy is “Mr. Baseball”. I could go on and on about his baseball achievements, but this is the Sexiest Athletes list. Paulie has that quiet “swag” about him that makes him sexy. He has charm, character, class and that smile. Oh, that smile that makes ladies forget their names. He is a staple in the White Sox dugout and in the community, and there is nothing sexier than a man who gives back.

Joe Mather:  Chicago Cubs, Age: 30, Origin: Sandpoint, ID, Marital Status:  Single

Joe Mather

The 411: Mather is the All-American man, ruggedly handsome with deep brown eyes and sandy blonde hair. He is listed at 6’4” and rocks the five o’clock shadow like nobody’s business. Mather is a utility player – meaning he can play multiple bases and positions. After a successful spring training, Mather made the Cubs starting roster for Opening Day. Mather resides in Arizona in the off season and can be found on the golf course 24/7.

Alex Rios: Chicago White Sox, Age: 31, Origin: Coffee, AL, Marital Status:  Married

Alex Rios

The 411: Alex Rios is one sexy man and is not new to the Sexy Athlete lists that pop up from time to time. Rios is the fashion darling of the White Sox, always decked out in the latest trends and his staple sunglasses. Rios had a phenomenal season after slumping in the previous two and provided a clutch bat at the plate for the south siders.  We hear from Susannah Collins that this guy is dressed to the nines coming in and out of the clubhouse.  Add to the killer wardrobe that pout, beautiful biceps and gazelle like legs…and ladies that is one sexy package (Yes, I just said that!).

Derrick Rose: Chicago Bulls, Age: 24, Origin:  Chicago, IL, Marital Status:  Single

Derek Rose

The 411: Ahh…D Rose, how we miss you. As the hometown darling that wears his heart on his sleeve, Derrick is our sensitive sexy addition to the list. Often breaking down and showing emotion in public, Rose isn’t afraid to show his emotions, and guess what that is….you got it, sexy!  The soft-spoken, humble mega-star that was named the youngest NBA’s MVP in 2010, Derrick is known to be very close to his family and keeps a tight circle of trusted advisors around him.  While we wait for Derrick’s rehab to wrap so he can return to the court, we salute him from afar.

Jeff Samardzija:  Chicago Cubs, Age: 27, Origin: Merriville, IN, Marital Status:  Single

Jeff Samardzija

The 411: I can hear it now, “WTF Samardzija”! Yes, for those of you who know me, I know “The Shark” quite well, and no I wasn’t paid to include him. Let me tell you ladies, this guy is sexy, hands down. He’s got the long hair (granted, it could use a bit of a trim and structure), tattoos everywhere, and the Notre Dame pedigree with a blue-collar bad-ass attitude.  Jeff moved to the starting rotation last year and posted a 9-13 record this season. Look for the Cub’s front office to lock him up long term, and for the Cub’s marketing department to build around this work horse.

Viktor Stalberg:  Chicago Blackhawks, Age: 26, Origin:  Sweden, Marital Status:  Single

Viktor Stalberg/Photo Credit: Leiram Nahir

The 411:  Stalberg, the “Swedish Rocket”, is the ideal candidate for this list, he screams SEXY! With piercing green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a smile that makes women quiver, Stalberg is very popular among female NHL fans here in Chicago and beyond. This sexy Swede has crazy talent to match his stunning looks, making him a personal favorite of mine and others here at SDI. Since Gary Bettman can’t get his head out of his @ss and we are now into month two of the lockout. Stalberg is currently playing in his native Sweden. At least the Swedish women get to enjoy him during this nasty lockout.  We’re pretty sure they are going to have a hard time seeing him go once the lockout ends.


There you have it ladies! I know I can’t please everyone, and you may or may not agree with me on this list, and that is OK. I am already starting to feel the “You left, Patrick Sharp off the list!” evil emails heading my way. I agree, Sharpie is sexy. However, he is on a lot of these lists and I needed to spread the love ladies.

Lucky for you, I will never leave my girls hanging! To get a quick Sharpie fix, check out my exclusive 1-1 interview with him below.

Everyone has their own definition of sexy. Tell us who you would put on this list and we’ll consider them for next year’s Top 10, that is, as long as they are still playing for a Chicago team.

Until next time… Keep it sexy, Chicago.

About the author: Victoria L. Olszowy. Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Victoria is a Chicago native who is obsessed with Chicago sports; she bleeds the Maize & Michigan Blue and is an avid fan of the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears and Bulls. She is excited to be leading SDI into the next iteration and all feedback is welcome! Victoria is a seasoned technology/sports public relations executive at Golin. A lover of the outdoors, Victoria is a competitive runner and just finished her Master’s Degree this past spring. You can contact Victoria at or on Twitter @chisportsdivas or Instagram @victoriakendzie

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