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Nurse’s Corner: Devin Hester

Devin Hester, cialis sale Chicago Bears

Position: WR/ Return Specialist

Hometown: Riviera Beach, decease FL

College: Miami (Fla.)

DOB: 11/04/1982

Elise’s Nursing Assessment:

Devin Hester has been sidelined for a concussion that he received during the first half of Sunday’s Bear’s 28-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Due to the different levels of severity of concussions it is still unknown when he will return. It was a game full of injuries with Chris Spencer, Lance Louis, Matt Forte, and Charles Tillman all getting hurt. At 8-3 with only 5 games left in the regular season, this is not the time for the Bears to start losing players to injuries.

Hester holds the NFL record for the most return touchdowns (punt and kick combined) and most punt return touchdowns. Opposing special teams usually do not kick to him if he is receiving as they know what he is capable of.

Hester’s strength is his incredible speed on kick returns and his ability to cut into different routes to avoid defenders, putting the Bears into prime field position, and in best case scenarios, running the ball in for a touchdown. He is extremely valuable to special teams and is known as one of the league’s best kick returners in the history of the game. However, Hester’s last few seasons have been mediocre.

In the recent Bear’s loss against the 49ers he was pretty much running in circles and had a net of -1 yard on three punt returns. He recently turned 30 which has people questioning whether he is past his prime. Hester was quoted saying, “There’s an age limit for every position but I’ve still got it. We’ve been around this organization long enough to know that when I go into a slump, I get out of them.”

Hopeful Chicago fans are still waiting for him to emerge from his slump and be the explosive player that they loved to watch break big returns. Unfortunately, his recent concussion will most likely set him back even more in what’s already been a mediocre season.

The Bears have been trying for years to mold Hester into an elite wide receiver, but, it’s become more apparent over the last 2 seasons from dropped passes and inconsistent route running that Hester is made to be a return specialist, and not much more.

Elise’s Recommended Prescriptions:

  • Focus on your strengths. Show everyone that you’ve “still got it” as a kick returner. Even at 30 you are still faster than most 22-year olds on the field.
  • Get plenty of rest to help quickly recover from your concussion. Between you and Cutler, there may be shortage of viable brain cells left in passing plays, so don’t be surprised if you see less playing time in the WR position.
  • Try to manage your jealousy as an eager WR.  Yes, Brandon Marshall gets over 50% of the throws from Cutler, and with rookie WR Alshon Jeffery back in, you’ll have more competition for playing time, but the Bears need you more now as an effective return specialist than ever before for quick points and crowd-pleasing plays.

About the author: Elise Jiganti was raised a Chicago sports fan and was taught to love the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks from a young age. She credits her Chicago sports knowledge to her older brother. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing she moved to LA to be an ICU nurse. When she is not at the hospital she can be found talking trash about the Lakers.

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