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Nurse’s Corner: Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah, tadalafil Chicago Bulls

Position: Center

Hometown: New York, NY

College: Florida

DOB: 2/25/1985

Elise’s Nursing Assessment:

What do you get when a Swedish model and a French tennis player have a baby? Joakim Noah, of course. That’s probably not the first person that comes to mind but height and athleticism are deeply rooted in his genes thanks to his folks. Joakim Noah is the 6’11” center for the Bulls with the messy ponytail/bun that college girls try to emulate when they roll out of bed for class (even though they worked on their hair for half an hour to master it).

Noah has been with the Bulls since 2007 and has continued to improve over the years. He is easily one of the best defensive centers in the NBA and is one of the top rebounders. For a center, he has good ball handling skills and is effective at cutting to the rim. However, his offensive game is what keeps him from being named as a top overall center like Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum. Noah’s jump shot is about as horrendous as the Charlotte Bobcats. He looks like he is trying and failing miserably at setting a volleyball. He doesn’t square himself up to the basket, has zero arc, and never follows through. His excitement after making a jump shot seems to be more from shock that he actually made it.

If he goes back to the basics and works on his jump shot he can become the elite center we need him to be. He’s hardworking and always plays with high energy. Overall, he is a great asset to the team.

Nurse Elise’s Recommended Prescriptions:

  • Continue to rehab the ankle; even though you have recovered from the post-season injury suffered in Game 3 of the playoffs last year, it is critical to the Bull’s success that you remain off the disabled list this season
  • Continue to work on your jump shot: It’s pretty much the ugliest shot in the league

About the author: Elise Jiganti was raised a Chicago sports fan and was taught to love the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks from a young age. She credits her Chicago sports knowledge to her older brother. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing she moved to LA to be an ICU nurse. When she is not at the hospital she can be found talking trash about the Lakers.

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