Brandon Marshall Publicly Admits He Wants to Be a Diva

When any Chicago athlete publicly claims they want to unleash their inner diva – you know we are on it.

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Bear’s wide receiver, Brandon Marshall told reporters he wants to be a diva Monday night in the Bear’s national prime time game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboy Stadium.   We say, let ‘er rip.  We’ve been giving Marshall diva status since he signed on with the Bears this spring.  Check out the diva Brandon Marshall article here.

Our recs for Brandon on how he can go full blown diva on Monday night:

  • Be selfish:  You’ve been getting called out for being Cutler’s #1 target too often, but we say let them bitch.  We know what you are capable of – if and when you catch the ball.  With only 16 receptions in 31 targets, you do have some improving to do.
  • Use your hands:  Divas love to use their hands to show emotion – from telling fabulous stories to catching passes to prove critics wrong.

Brandon Marshall

  • Channel your emotions:  The Warren Sapp cat fight this week served as a reminder of your emotional and anger management issues.  Channel that resentment and use that energy on the field.
  • Plan your post game outfit ahead of time:  We know you are a snazzy dresser and there’s no better place to showcase some of those fine clothes than in the post game after the Cowboys game.  Let’s just hope its the celebratory type of press conference.
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